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Will Queen Elizabeth be approved by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are going to Africa?

It's an exciting time for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After getting married less than a year ago, they are all ready to greet their first child every day. You have just moved to a new home in the rural town of Windsor, England. Not only that, but it has recently become known that it is now possible for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to spend some time in Africa for a short while. Her life has been such a wonderful whirlwind lately that fans can hardly keep up.

So we have to ask if Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, praises Prince Harry and his wife who travel to Africa. Africa is a special place for Harry and Meghan

Africa is special to the royal couple in many ways. Very early in their relationship, before even announcing the world they were in, Meghan and Harry spent a few days in Botswana meeting each other. There they realized that they were really connected and wanted to be a couple.

Not only that, but also the massive diamond that Meghan wears on her ring finger comes from Botswana. It is said that Harry really loves Africa and spent some time there, fleeing from the public eye immediately after the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Is the step final?

At this time, Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the possibility that the Duke and Duchess could go to Africa. Nothing is set in stone and no concrete plans have been made.

It's always an exciting time for members of the royal family to take on new responsibilities, responsibilities and adventures, and this possible trip would be no exception.

What is the reason for the move? Those who wonder why a short step is even considered should be above all because they intend to build on their work for one of the Commonwealth countries. Harry and Meghan are President and Vice President of the Commonwealth Trust of Queen Elizabeth.

There is some speculation that the reason for the move is due to tensions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but this is nothing but a rumor cons of moving?

If Harry and Meghan moved to Africa for even a short time, we might not see as many of them as we would like. This means that we probably would not see much of the royal baby.

The main advantage, however, is that they would distribute their work to a place that really needs them and that they would enjoy it. It is also wonderful to see the members of the royal family branch out into their duties and go beyond what is expected.

Does Queen Elizabeth approve her?

She definitely does. Queen Elizabeth has a special bond with her grandson Harry and knows that he always aims to do the best for people around the world.

The Queen also recognizes that the momentum of the Royal Family is currently evolving and changing and that family members are becoming more modern than they were known in the past. Chances are she will fully support the move to Africa and do her part to encourage the couple to do the right thing for them.

We know that Harry and Meghan absolutely love Africa, and we would love to spend time in a place that is so special.

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