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Will Redskins ever return to the Desmond Harrison Sweepstake?

The Cardinals of Arizona ended the offensive against Desmond Harrison on Wednesday, bringing the Washington Redskins back into the free-agent tackles market.

Harrison has a warrant for his arrest. But it was not so long ago that the Redskins were one of only two crews who claimed Harrison after Cleveland let him go.

JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington followed the same course: "Redskins Had Disclaimer Demand Harrison after being cut from Cleveland last month. Interesting to see if they come in contact again with uncertainty about Trent Williams.

Harrison's situation has yet to evolve, but it's not hard to imagine the Redskins reviewing a man they clearly wanted to take a chance on. The gritty Trent Williams drama just makes it seem more logical.

And these Redskins were not shy about taking risks in this off-season yet. They attacked Reuben Foster long before things had happened.

Given the Williams situation, the Redskins are naturally associated with most offensive duels. With Harrison just a little more fuel behind it, because they had it clearly in the eye.

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