Wimbledon introduces a fifth-set tiebreaker in 2019.

The All-England Club announced in a news release on Friday That men, women, mixed doubles and juniors will play a tiebreaker when the score reaches 12-12 in the final set, an apparent attempt to end some of the marathon games that have taken place in recent years at Wimbledon.

"Our view was that the time had come to introduce a tie-break method for games that had not come to their natural ends at a reasonable time during the final round," said Philip Brook, chairman of the All-England Club

"While we know the cases of matches deep in to the final are rare, we believe that a tie-break at 12-12 provides a balance between the players plenty of luck Being able to complete the game also provides the certainty that the game will be completed within an acceptable timeframe.

Brook said in the press release that the All-England Club, which hosts one of the four annual tennis Grand Slam Championships, has been studying game data over the last 20 years and soliciting feedback from players and officials Fibbled fifth sets in tennis are still rare, Wimbledon has seen a fair share of marathon games over the past decade, with John Isner and Nicholas Mahut playing an eleven-hour match in three-day parts at Wimbledon in 2010, with Isner eventually taking the final It was the longest game, both in terms of duration and in the number of games played, in the history of tennis.

Isner found himself in another seemingly endless fifth set this year lost to Kevin Anderson in a semi-final that lasted more than six hours and was the longest game ever played on Wimbledon's Center Court tz went to 26-24.

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