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Windows 10 can now automatically uninstall malformed updates for you

Sometimes software updates simply do not work well, but Microsoft does the best to fix this with a new feature in Windows that automatically updates the latest updates. Windows Latest The new feature is more of a tool for the last resort. Microsoft states that updates can not be reset unless the new software fails to boot the computer. Only after all other automatic recovery options have been tested.

According to ZDNet the new feature can automatically undo device drivers, hotfixes, updated system files, service packs, and new Windows features-a comprehensive tool, at least on paper. Any updates that are being rolled back will also be locked out for 30 days for automatic reinstallation, giving Microsoft and the various hardware and software partners time to fix the problem instead of giving users an endless cycle to automatically apply and remove Stopping the Update

It's not exactly a big fix for Windows, but it's an important update. Undoing system updates is not the easiest process. Automating the process for users who accidentally receive bad or incompatible software is a helpful measure from Microsoft.

But it also suggests that Microsoft is assuming even more responsibility to make sure customers have Windows experience. Microsoft, with its hundreds of partners developing hardware, software and firmware that works perfectly with Windows, can not control every aspect of the user experience like Apple does. Microsoft makes sure that Windows proactively and automatically deals with problems that occur, and tries to make sure that the part it controls can solve problems with any piece of the puzzle it can not.

Update March 1

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