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Windows Calculator Will Soon Have a Graphing Mode

The Windows Calculator app in Windows 10 is now open for business.

And one. This is the most popular project on GitHub this month.

And one Microsoft wants to make Windows Calculator out in the open is a Graphing Mode, as first spotted by ZDNet. The new graphing mode is being built for use in schools and for students, so they can quickly graph equations using the built-in calculator on Windows. OneNote.

The feature actually has been in development for a long while. "We have been doing various forms of prototyping and then initial groundwork on this for about a year now," a Microsoft engineer noted on GitHub. The company also offers the new Graphing Mode:

  • Users can enter an equation so that it can be viewed on the
  • Users can enter multiple equations.
  • Users can edit equations ] Users can change the graph viewing window so that they can see different parts of the plot at different levels.
  • Users can export line visual options so that they can differentiate between multiple plots.
  • Users can export graphs
  • Users can easily manipulate secondary variables in equations so that they can quickly understand how changes to equations affect the graph.
  • Users can see key graph features (KGF) as nodes / dots on the equations, and summon other KGFs in a list so they can better understand the important features of a given function.
  • Users can

Of course, building an advanced feature into what's meant to be a simple calculator could significantly affect the code base for the app It seems like Microsoft is not building the graphing engine for the new Graphing Mode itself – and instead, it is using a third-party to power the feature. "We are not developing the graphing engine ourselves.

Graphing Mode in Windows Calculator is probably going to ship in Windows 10, so you'll have to wait quite a while for this , We want to make sure the feature is actually useable, however.

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