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Windows Terminal is here in It's Multi-Tabbed Console Glory

 Windows 10

The much anticipated Windows Terminal Preview is here and I have to say when it works, it's pretty awesome. While it shows great promise, this is a very early preview, you should expect to see some bugs, crashes, and quirks that will be fixed in future builds.

Microsoft briefly made the preview available on the Microsoft Store earlier yesterday, but they were just gearing up for its release and it was not ready. The Windows 2000 Terminal is now available from the Microsoft Store, which is based on version 0.2.1


Windows 10 version 1903 and on build 18362.0 or to get the Windows Terminal Preview higher. Windows Terminal (Preview) in Microsoft Store

Once you install Windows Terminal and open it, you will start with a single PowerShell window open.

 Windows Terminal
Windows Terminal

To access other types of consoles in a new tab, you can click on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) shells and the CMD prompt.

 Open New Console Tab
Open New Console Tab

To exit a console, you can simply click on the X in its tab or type exit in the console window.

Configuring the Windows Terminal

The settings for Windows Terminal are contained in a JSON file called % UserProfile% AppData Local Packages Microsoft. WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe roaming State profiles.json . You can also open Settings .

This file allows you to configure various options such as global settings, console sizees, keybindings, color schemes, and console profiles.

 profiles.json Settings File
profiles.json Settings File

When Windows Terminal is first installed, it will automatically create profiles for PowerShell, the CMD prompt, and any installed WSL Linux distributions.

For example, I installed Ubuntu after installing Windows Terminal. Ubuntu Profile

In my tests, any changes to the profiles.json settings file

Information about the various settings can be found here.

Windows Terminal is great, but has some bugs

It's important to remember that this is a very Early preview of the Windows Terminal and you will find bugs and quirky behavior.

One example of a user interface that is needed when you launch multiple console tabs.

 Two Console Tabs Open?
Two Console Tabs Open?

In reality, though, I also have a. For example, I have a PowerShell console tab and a WSL tab open CMD prompt open as well, but you can not see it until you expand the width of the window.

 Actually I Have Three Open Tabs
Actually I Have Three Open Tabs

So while playing with Windows Terminal and opening new tabs , within 5 minutes I could not trigger a crash, which I could not reproduce again.


Microsoft knows this build is not perfect and expects problems. They are hoping that users will test the software and report any bugs on the Windows Terminal GitHub page. Even more, they are hoping to develop their own ideas, code, and fixes.

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