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Winter storm, dangerously cold temperatures in the coming week

Pennsylvania is expected to see snow, mixed rain, and dangerously cold temperatures next week.

The first snow chance will come, according to AccuWeather, when the weekend comes to an end.

AccuWeather expects "troublesome snow and sea-effect towers" throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania on Sunday.

A winter storm and a quick freeze are expected next week.

"AccuWeather meteorologists are still here The exact details of how the storm will develop in the northeast will be clarified. However, residents should be prepared for possible disruptions to travel, education, and other daily routines and activities. "According to the report, in the eastern United States, the polar vortex crashes to the south.

AccuWeather reports that most of the snow will fall in the state of New York if the storm does not develop the Appalachians.

When the storm sets in, it could mean that several miles of snow and a developing blizzard from Pennsylvania emanate in the north.

In the northeast this contributes to the potential impact of the storm on travelers. "Says AccuWeather.

Thanks to the polar vortex, it is also expected that temperatures will fall well below average.

  AccuWeather predictions predict that a polar vortex is possible next week, we bring single-digit temperatures with below-zero windchills to central Pennsylvania.
AccuWeather predictions predicted that a polar vortex next week could bring single-digit temperatures with below zero windchills to central Pennsylvania. AccuWeather

A polar vortex is a large bag of very cold air, usually the coldest air in the northern hemisphere, which, according to AccuWeather, lies over the polar region during the winter season. Dave Samuhel, an AccuWeather meteorologist, said the vortex near the North Pole would move south through warmer air.

Here is the prediction for Harrisburg:

Saturday – Mostly Cloudy. High: 35

Saturday Night – Cloudy. Low: 23

Sunday – Significant cloud cover. High: 44

Sunday Night – Mostly Cloudy. Low: 19

Monday – Distances from clouds and sunshine. High: 38

Monday Night – Thickening clouds. Low: 27

Tuesday – Cloudy sky, little snow and rain expected. Little or no collection. High: 38

Tuesday evening – Intermittent snow, 1-3 inches possible. Low: 14

You can find live weather updates through the National Weather Service and other Twitter sources below.

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