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With Bose, users can downgrade the QC35 firmware after months of complaints

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After Bose released updated firmware for its QC35 II headphones In the past year, users have complained about the company Forums where the active noise cancellation of the headphones has deteriorated. Well, tThe number of complaints has inflated to fill more than 200 pages in the forum, and Although Bose says its software isn’t the problem, the company allows users to downgrade their headphone’s firmware.

The first problems occurred last summer after Bose released firmware version 4.5.2 for its QC35 and QC35 II headphones. W.However, it seems that not every user was affected or notices a changeOthers complained that the update had drastically reduced the effectiveness of Bose’s ANC technology for some QC35 II owners even say The “The high level ANC is now the same as in LOW. I can’t hear a difference if I switch between them now. The same amount of noise goes through my ears. ”

L.ate last week, Bose posted an answer Detailing the problem and what it is did to identify and investigate it. Says Bose After thorough testing, the company is “confident that firmware 4.5.2 has not affected the noise reduction function”.

Bose said it came to this conclusion by testing a number of headphones with different firmware, checking the headphones returned to the company, and even sending acousticians to perform five home visits. In the end, Bose found that eight of the 10 devices did it thoroughly tested worked perfectly. IIn a number of cases where a user complained that ANC was not working properly, Bose found that things like third-party auricles or auricles did not appear to be snapping into place causes perception of poor ANC performance.

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Bose says his engineers found a pair of QC35 IIs in one case there was little difference between Setting ANC high or low, which was ultimately caused by mechanical damage, most likely due to general wear and tear, as the owner “found that he did not use the case to store and transport his headphones during the daily commute”.

W.hile Bose says that “the QC35 4.5.2 firmware cannot attribute any loss in noise reduction performance,” it says I learned some things from the investigation and found some solutions on how to address certain problems.

To better inform QC35 owners about the proper use and maintenance of their headphones, Bose first created a new package Instructional videos and documents. Second, the update messages have been updated to clarify the difference between updating the firmware and updating Voice prompts.

Finally, users with Bose can now also upgrade the QC35 and QC53 II firmware through the Bose BTU siteThis is an option that was not previously available.

While it appears that the firmware wasn’t the root cause of decreased ANC performance in the QC35s, at least some good things came out of almost a yearlong investigation.

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