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With O'Rourke, Cruz's November alert gains new strength

SMITHVILLE – When Ted Cruz answered questions at a Republican women's event on Saturday night, Bastrent's retiree Ronnie Ann Burt wanted to know: should she really trust the growing barrage of online chatter that the Senator's re-election offer is in jeopardy? [19659002] Cruz? Answer: Believe it.

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"It's clear that we have a real and competitive race where the lead is far too low," said Cruz, facing a fierce, heavily funded US Rep. Beto O & Rourke, D-El is Paso.

Cruz & # 39; s station in this small town in central Texas was part of a return to campaign on Saturday, when the incumbent recounted his lengthy warnings that democratic enthusiasm in the era of President Donald Trump should not be underestimated a state as red as Texas.

The timing could not have been more appropriate: A triumum of polls came out this week that showed Cruzís tightening and a national political forecaster relocated the contest in favor of O'Rourke. Meanwhile, Cruz launched his first TV commercials on Friday, including three targeting O 'Rourke, and the challenger moved quickly to turn them into a fundraising blessing for him .

Appeared on Saturday afternoon at the conservative Resurgent Gathering in Austin, Cruz provided an almost 1

0-minute assessment of the uncertain political landscape that he faces in November.

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"The biggest challenge I have in this race … is complacency," Cruz said. "People keep saying, 'Oh, come on, it's a Texas reelected. How could you possibly lose? "Well, in a normal cycle, that could be true, but this is not an ordinary cycle, the extreme left is full of anger and anger, and we underestimate this anger in our danger."

Cruz added that there are reasons that To be skeptical of polls – his campaign has criticized their methods – but the trendline "should be a cause for concern for all."

After the Resurgent conference, Cruz set out to meet with supporters and families from the United States Private school in eastern Austin, where he further argued that the GOP base could not take November for granted. Cruz said Travis County was the "base of support" for O & Rourke, but other "bright red" counties such as Denton, Tarrant and Collin must turn out to be tough counterparts.

"There are a lot of good, strong conservatives [in Travis County] too – they are outnumbered, but it makes them more robust if they resist criticism and abuse," Cruz said. "What [Democrats] is doing is finding and fueling every liberal in the state of Texas, and getting them to act."

Cruz's remarks on the events Saturday came a day after Governor Greg Abbott made an offer more reassuring forecast for November during the conference Resurgent . He dismissed the idea of ​​a "blue wave" in November as a media hype that "sells newspapers" and reminded the audience that by the end of 2014, he had defeated his much-vaunted Democratic opponent Wendy Davis by more than 20 points.

Texas will stay red, "said Abbott, whose Democrat opponent, Lupe Valdez, has not had any traction in the way O's play Rourke against Cruz.

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Cruz sounded less secure than Abbott on Saturday – and his supporters seemed to be getting the message.

"I think what Senator Cruz said is true: The Democrats are unhappy that they've lost [the 2016 presidential election] because they never anticipated it, and so they come into force, and I see it in my own county, "said Jeanne Raley, vice president of the Republican women's group of Lost Pines, who hosted Cruz in Smithville." That just means we

"Complacency will kill each one of us," she added.

O Rourke spent the border town of Del Rio on Saturday in the last stop on his 34-day tour by the state nd the Congress Night in August. There, O Rourke hosted an evening town hall and spurred the supporters on their side for the last three months of the race.

"They say there are two points separating us, the campaign we are leading and Ted Cruz" Two points are all we have right now, "said O & Rourke," In this election 94 days are planned. We can do it perfectly, but it's 100 percent for us.

O & Rourke's campaign continued on Saturday afternoon when she announced that she had raised more than $ 500,000 over the past 24 hours in response to Cruz's commercials. The campaign's goal is to: At the end of the weekend, Cruz got a taste of the enemy a few minutes after his appearance at the Resurgent Gathering, when a protester interrupted with a sign saying "Russian Bootlicker." Cruz called a coward and used it an expression of force to denounce the crowd before he broke out in "Beto!" songs, Cruz then wasted little time turning the incident into a rally point for the case.

"That trouble, by the way," It's dangerous, "Cruz said , "Each of us has to take these elections dead serious in November."

Sydney Greene contributed to this report.

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