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With the Apple Card to touch – MacRumors

Last week, Apple began allowing some iPhone users to sign up for the Apple Card as part of a limited test before a broader market launch, and we got one of the new cards in our hands.

In our latest YouTube video, we show how to sign up for Apple Card how it works, how it looks, and how the card feels for those who do not yet have a chance to sign up.

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Apple Card created by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs, is a credit card that's designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to use Ideal for those who are new to credit cards or who are looking for something simple, that's easy to understand.

Registration for Apple Card can be done in the Wallet app. The whole process will only take a few minutes after you have entered your name, address, and other information until approved or rejected.

Your APR (Interest Rate) and your credit limit are based on your creditworthiness, and Apple strives to make the Apple Card available to most people, allowing even those who score in the 600s have approved, report this approved.

Once you sign up for Apple Card you can instantly use it for Apple Pay purchases in stores and online as it's deeply integrated with the iPhone. It works like any other credit card you have added to Apple Pay . At the same time, Apple will send you a physical token card in the mail that can be used if Apple Pay is not available. It takes a few days for the titan card to arrive, and it's well worth the wait.

The Apple Titanium is unique to Apple and has a simple design engraved with your name and no other information. There is no card number, CVV or expiration date on the card, although there is a chip and a traditional magnetic stripe for purchases.

You can find your card number, CVV and expiration date in the Wallet app if you need this information for online purchases where Apple Pay is not accepted. Your card number can even be changed twice a year, which means it is safer than a traditional credit card. This is one of the main advantages of the Apple Card .

The titan card is heavy and weighs more than the average plastic credit card. Besides, it is about twice as thick. It is certainly a statement card and it will stand out when you use it. If you use either your physical Apple Card or the digital Apple Pay version, Apple will log all your purchases in detail. This is the other big advantage of Apple Card .

The Wallet app includes a virtual map that starts white and changes color depending on what you buy. Apple places all your purchases in different categories, each with a color, so you can easily see what you spend your money on a monthly basis. Apple provides a detailed purchase tracking, full dealer name information (to make sure your purchase is no longer clear) and instant notifications when you make a purchase (to let you know immediately if there is a charge that you have not authorized).

Apple Card does not offer benefits such as extended warranties or purchase protection, but has a cashback feature that is paid out every day. You get 3% cashback for purchases from Apple (or its Digital Stores), 2% cashback for all purchases at Apple Pay and 1

% cashback for all other purchases with the Titanium Card.

Cash is paid out at the end of each day and credited to your Apple Cash Card wallet app. The Apple Cash Card can be used for purchases or the balance transferred to your bank account.

Payments are made in the Wallet app through a linked bank account. It is worth noting that there is no weboption. This can be problematic if you lose your iPhone and have to make a payment, but your Apple Card can also be managed on your other iOS devices.

For payments, Apple aims to pay you as little interest as possible. Apple will send reminders when the payment is due, encourage you to make additional payments to cut interest rates, and help you understand exactly how much interest you will be charged.

Apple Card can not be compared with other cards in terms of perks, travel awards and certain cashback options, but it wins over other cards due to its deep integration into the Wallet app and the efforts that are made Apple undertook to make it understandable.

Your purchases are clear, your spend is tracked in different categories, so you can better track your budget and money. The payment information is optimized to your advantage and not to the credit card company's advantage.

For more information about Apple Card see our comprehensive guide to Apple Cards.

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