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Within Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship after Stormi's birth

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are "the best place they ever were in their relationship", shortly after they daughter Stormi Webster and almost exactly one year after they first greeted them, they began to date, E! Messages have learned

The 20-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashian's star and 25-year-old rapper first unleashed romantic rumors in April 2017 when they were comfortably watched by Coachella. Kylie gave birth to Stormi, her first child, on Feb. 1

, without first announcing that she was pregnant, despite a slew of reports.

"Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are currently in the best position they have ever had in their relationship," a source told E! News exclusively. "When Stormi was born, the circle has closed, and they now have an unbreakable bond, Travis was fully absorbed into the family, and everyone loves their little family who created them."

Since Welcoming Stormi, Kylie and Travis (19659005) "Travis has helped a lot with Stormi and is obsessed with her," the source said. "He helps a lot at night and makes sure Kylie gets enough sleep and loves Kylie with presents so she knows she's still important."

Shortly after Stormi's birth, Kylie showed a black Ferrari La Ferrari, which she called a "push present" – a term for gifts given to new mothers. She did not reveal where the car came from. It is estimated to be worth $ 1.5 million. Last month, Kylie released photos of three other luxury cars entitled "Mom & Dad" on Snapchat.

In recent months, Kylie has posted many photos and videos of Stormi, most recently on Thursday, when she shared pictures of the baby in a stroller, while walking with her and Travis.

"Kylie can not believe how fast Stormi grows up," source E said! News. "She's obsessed with making videos and pictures of her, and loves to dress her in several outfits everyday." "Kylie has help with two nannies, but most of the time is with the baby." She is a very practical mother super protective. "

The source also talked about Kylie's weight loss after childbirth. The reality star had gained 40 pounds during pregnancy and told Snapchat on Thursday that she would like to lose 20 pounds. Kylie has said in the past that she does not like training.

"Kylie does not work unless the weight has really fallen off her since birth," the source said. "She will try to eat a healthy diet for a few days and then return to her usual lifestyle and eat whatever she wants, knowing she will never be a fitness person, but she has definitely tried Kylie really wants to improve. " a & # 39; super fit mother & # 39 ;, but has not come up with anything yet.

In addition, Kylie continues to juggle her mother's life and work.

"Kylie is still very involved and focused on her business and wants to develop more cosmetics companies under the brand name Kylie Cosmetics, such as various make-up products "It's definitely trying to expand its line, and things are in the works."

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