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Witness: Suspect roared, "I'm not going back to jail" before the police officer who killed MPD veteran was shot dead

MILWAUKEE – A Milwaukee police officer was shot near 28 and Wright on Wednesday, July 25, according to MFD officials. The Milwaukee police said the suspect is in custody.

Milwaukee Chief of Police Alfonso Morales

MPD chief Alfonso Morales in an update at 18:30. the officer confirmed, a 17-year veteran of the department and friend of the chief died as a result of his injuries. Chief Morales confirmed that the suspect had been arrested and a gun found.

Morales said it started with a check for a suspect wanted for drug and firearm offenses involving members of MPD's Special Investigations Department. Officers approached and met the suspect in a residence before shots were fired at officers. During a shootout, "one of our members was injured," Morales said.

"I am sad to have to tell you that the injured officer did not make it today, this is a difficult time for us, he was loved by the department and a friend of mine," said Morales.

Chief Morales found that the suspect was not shot. A MPD spokeswoman said the suspect was near 28 and Meinecke was arrested.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

"Words can not describe the grief I feel anger at this time. Our policemen, as they do every day, put their lives in line to protect the people who live in this city. Probably one of them lost her life in the last few hours and tried to protect We mourn as a church This officer was long in the department – very respected – well liked – he did what he was tasked with – protect, how the police did their activities today, they knew they were doing a dangerous job like they did I ask every inhabitant of this city to pray for the families of the police, to respect our policemen and to treat them to the victims thank you are a d your families are doing for us, "said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Milwaukee policeman shot near 28th & Wright

A witness told FOX6 News a man apparently had a confrontation with an officer on the street – – and fired shots at the officer. The witness stated that the officer was not in good shape.

Below is what the witness told FOX6 News at the scene describing what he saw:

"Apparently it stopped and the guy jumped straight out of the car and he said, "I'm not going back to jail," and he shot out of the gate, he had to shoot, and he not only hit the officer, but also met other innocent bystanders who were in the area. From now on, the officer does not look like he's in good shape right now, it does not look like he can do it, to be honest, I'll stay right there, so I actually saw It was in the next block, I do not know if they are preparing to run into their house, or if it's just a stop, but you can see the man is coming out right away the car and shoots and shouts: "I'm not going to jail. You'll have to kill me. "

We Need to Remember the Address This problem is happening in this city of Milwaukee – because if it's not a death, it's either a car accident, it's either a robbery and it's comes to the point where everyone has to sit down as a community, because that's not the Milwaukee I grew up in. It's not the Milwaukee I know, it's chaos, every day – chaos, and it It makes no sense and it is about the community standing up and giving the community resources and things they need to keep their lives on track. "

Chief Morales told DA Chisholm and the Wisconsin Department of Die Justice Department's Department of Justice supports this investigation.

"We are here to simply help and ensure that the investigation is conducted fairly and independently, then we move into the responsibility phase – again – my deepest sympathy for the police and the family, who have lost a loved one "Chisholm said.

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