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Women details alleged multiple sexual advances by Carolina Panther owner Jerry Richardson

CHARLOTTE, NC – One of the women allegedly bringing sexual and racial workplace misconduct against Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has spoken out after comments from Houston Texas owner Bob McNair at the NFL owners' meeting last month.

Sports Illustrated released on Thursday Mrs. letters to McNair, the NFL, Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Richardson and the next owner of the Panthers. In the letters she writes how much she was hurt by the misconduct and everything that has happened since SI on December 1

7 that three former Panthers employees and a former scout, allegedly Richardson, paid her for her silence about the misconduct , [19659002] The woman who was not identified alleged that Richardson had broken the confidentiality agreement between the two parties to McNair at the owners' meeting in Orlando, Richardson told other owners that he regretted paying off the victims and not combating the allegations came first.

In her letter to 81-year-old Richardson, the woman said she "did not know what to do" about alleged multiple sexual overtures by the Panthers owner.

"I did not know I know what to do if you got me into your stadium in the middle of the week, so you take off my shoes, put my legs in your lap and their full length from toe to toe The woman wrote in the letter, "The woman wrote in the letter." I did not know what to do if you asked me to turn around so you could see what my jeans looked like. I did not know what to do if you brushed my breasts to get me in the front seat of I did not know what to do if you put your hands on my mouth so I kissed them. I did not know what to do if you ask me uncomfortable, sexually charged questions.

"I have not I do not know what to do, so I did what you told me."

The Panthers released a statement Thursday in which they wrote They said they would not comment on the specific allegations of ongoing legal review, but they defended what was done to "create an environment where our employees can be proud to work. "

" Tina Becker was appointed to COO in December and immediately began to work on the issues, "the statement said." The team provided significant resources to reform our workplace, restructured leadership, and added comprehensive training program on harassment and diversity and inclusion.

"We have revised our policies and procedures, including improvements in our reporting to the League, to ensure that employees who have a concern have multiple opportunities to report these concerns and feel comfortable with them."

In the other letters, the woman said the NFL's investigation was "a farce." She turned to McNair, saying she was offended by his description that Richardson's comments were "joking and misunderstood." And she believes that Rivera is "insensitive" because she is an enabler for Richardson.

Mary Jo White, an Independent Lawyer The New Orleans Saints "Bountygate" Investigation is conducting the Richardson investigation. NFL representative Roger Goodell said at the owners' meeting that there is no timetable for completing the investigation.

Richardson will soon announce his nominee for the purchase of the Panthers, with South Carolina billionaire Ben Navarro appearing to be the frontrunner

Goodell said the league hopes to be in position for the 32 owners to approve the sale – 24 votes are needed – at the meetings of 21-23. May in Atlanta.

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