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Women say Twin Peaks Restaurant forced them to show too much skin

Two former employees of the Twin Peaks restaurant at Orland Park Restaurant, which has a meat-based business model similar to Hooters, say their bosses have gone too far by wearing bikinis and lingerie, making body ratings and ordering them (19659002) Discrimination and harassment allegations have been outlined in complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

This behavior is common in a corporate culture approved by Twin Peaks, Tamara Holder, who represents several of the women, said on Thursday

Sarah Blaylock, 29, and Daryll Rodriguez, 24, who worked as bartenders, Both complaints were received.

And women were threatened with dismissal as they raised concerns

"Twin Peaks' business model tempts young women to wear a uniform and, after being hired, orders them crop tops, bikinis and Li to wear ngerie, "Holder said." Twin Peaks operates a disgusting, systematic abuse of young women across the country. Many of the young women are still in school, others are trying to pay tuition. They signed up to work in a "family friendly" restaurant, not a pub.

A third employee, Jessica Mercer, 1

9, missed the 300-day window in which she was allowed to file an EEOC lawsuit, but she plans to join a violation of Holder's class action lawsuit, which she says to include the names of employees from across the country treated in the same way.

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Women working at Twin Peaks in Orla nd Park | Provided

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Women Working at Twin Peaks in Orland Park | Provided

" Literally the phone is just ringing from the phone with women calling me, "Holder said Thursday. [19459012JoeHummelCEOofTwinPeaksdescribedtheallegationsas"outrageous"inastatementemailedtotheSun-TimesonThursday

"Twin Peaks does not tolerate any harassment or discrimination and has strict policies and training practices to ensure that every guest and every employee is treated equally and has great respect, "he said.

" We look forward to vigorously defending ourselves against these outrageous and baseless allegations. As it is a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to other individual items n to discuss.

In her complaint, Blaylock, who had been hired to open the Orland Park restaurant in 2016, said she was in agreement with the uniform she was originally given 19659002] The uniform: short shorts and a shirt, that exposed the cleavage and a small portion of her belly.

But things changed within six months when management began "dressing days" calling for "clothes similar to what one might see" in a strip club. " she says in the complaint.

Blaylock says she was told, "If you do not like it, you can go."

"I was afraid I would lose my job if I did not obey despite the discomfort," she said.

Another disturbing change: Before each shift, management started pulling women against a wall and giving everyone a note of how taut and taut their bodies were. Women with better grades received more lucrative table tasks, reported complaints.

The women had to buy their own bags of lingerie and string bikinis and text pictures of dressing rooms to their bosses, so they could decide if garments were enlightening enough for work, Blaylock claims.

Orland Park police have cited too many skin areas against several female employees for their clothing.

When the women asked for the quotes, they were told, "Do not worry, we handled it," Blaylock said in the complaint.

However, a lawyer hired by Twin Peaks pleaded guilty to Blaylock and other women and paid their fines without ever mentioning them, the lawsuit says, leaving her with her criminal record ineligible for convictions.

Female employees were also expected to be in front of the kitchen staff.

Holder said that women are looking for financial compensation and want the company to take precautions to ensure better working conditions.

A men from the Orland Park restaurant also filed an EEOC complaint claiming he had been repeatedly questioned about his sexual orientation, calling derogatory terms, including "princess", and denied regular breaks.

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