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WonderCon panel of the "Big Bang Theory" series

With the end of the series in May, the authors of the CBS comedy had their final appearance at the WonderCon.

The Big Bang Theory will end its 12-season season on Thursday, May 16, but the authors are just beginning to be near the end.

"Luckily we knew it last season was pretty early. We had plenty of time to talk about where we wanted to leave those characters behind, "executive producer Steve Holland said Saturday during the show's WonderCon panel, hosted by frequent guest star Wil Wheaton. "That [work] could push some [the emotion] off. Now we come closer and closer and it is [hitting us that it’s] that we will do this last time or the last time. "

Over the dozen years of the show, the recurring cast is bloated, which means saying goodbye. It was a gradual process for them last year ̵

1; and those farewells were tough," said executive producer Bill Prady.

But the team got some instructions on how to control the feelings of someone with experience: Friends Co-founder Marta Kauffman.

"Some of us attended an event and saw [her]," said writer Tara Hernandez. When she told her that they were writers of The Bang Bang Theory she immediately tried to console them with what they would experience during the show. Her advice: "It will be so hard for you. But you will fall in love with the next one. You have to fall in love with the next [show].

A bonus that knows the end is around the corner has allowed them to pull themselves together and tell startling stories they had tried to make a little effort.

Executive producer Steve Molaro has been trying since the first season to work on "the death of a theory". His pitch was: "Sheldon [Jim Parsons] or Leonard [Johnny Galecki] had a theory they had worked for forever [that is disproven] … and watch them go through the stages of mourning." Prady added, "They have always said they were going to a funeral. "[194559006] The Big Bang Theory made an adapted version of The Story in December" The VCR Illumination "when Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) were worried that their Most of what the writers wanted to bring into the show has found its way into the air – and they've deliberately prevented some things from happening – when a fan asked if "If the viewers were to learn Penny's maiden name, the scriptwriters realized it was not going to happen." [Eventually] We got nervous and superstitious about giving her one, "Molaro said, even though the show is about to end," wi It will always be [her married name] Hofstadter. "

Although the series soon emerges, the franchise will be with the prequel series Young Sheldon. continued] A fan asked if The Big Bang Theory could continue there via Flash-Forward to some extent. "I do not know the answer to that," Molaro admitted, noting that it would be "cool" if it ever appeared and Parsons repeated his play as the adult Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory will be broadcast on Thursdays at 20:00 CBS.

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