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Workers at butcher Beer Garden & Grill are testing positive for hepatitis A, health officials say

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – A West Palm Beach restaurant clerk has performed a positive hepatitis A test, potentially exposing customers to the contagious disease, according to health officials.

A food service has been set up, according to the Florida Department of Health. Employees of the butcher's shop Beer Garden & Grill at 209 6th Street were infected.

Health officials say the employee, who was not identified by the patient privacy laws, may have been exposed to hepatitis A between April 10 and April 10, May 1


If you have eaten at the restaurant during this time, the Ministry of Health should note the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Dark urine
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Pale white stool
  • Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice)

If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately.


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According to the Florida Department of Health, 15 cases of hepatitis A in Palm Beach County were confirmed this year.

The recent number of cases this year in our districts:

  • Martin County: 20
  • Palm Beach County: 15
  • St. Lucie County: 11
  • Okeechobee County: 2
  • Indian River County: 0

Last month, state and local health officials said the source of hepatitis A in Martin County was unknown.

and the discovery could take weeks.

Doctors say that the best way to protect yourself from hepatitis A is to have yourself vaccinated and to wash your hands after using the toilet and before handling food. The Hepatitis A vaccine is available in doctors' offices, emergency departments, pharmacies and health authorities.

If you have questions about hepatitis A, contact the Florida Department of Health at Palm Beach County at (561) 840-4568 or (561) 671-4184.

This is an evolving story. Stay with WPTV for updates.

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