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Working with Florida meant hunting for greatness for TE Jonathan Odom

GatorsTerritory solicited UF pledges from Jonathan Odom to break his commitment to Dan Mullen's program and gather his thoughts on the future of Florida football to select the Gators he recruits on behalf of the staff and what his daring Forecast for the team in the coming season is.



How does it feel to get involved with UF?

"It feels great. I think we are building a great class. I felt the energy of the coaches every time I was up there, and also from other players. Just as everyone wants to be there and everyone is ready to work day by day.

"I think that's a healthy program and a program that can definitely be the best in the nation every year."

– Jonathan Odom

. 2

You pulled the trigger after attending the Great Gator Grill Out in May. What prompted you to get involved?

"As I said earlier, this is a growing program and I want to be part of building something great, because they are already great." Regarding the position, I think that coach Scott will do something great. I have heard from many people that he is one of the biggest trainers of the staff. He is positive; I love the energy of coach Scott.

"I love the way that coach Mullen sets narrow limits in different areas and how he uses them and creates inconsistencies across the field. And I think that's where I can best be used. He uses a close end all the time. That was a big draw for me. Close to home – you could not beat it. "

. 3

What does it mean for you to continue your family's legacy with the Gators and begin your own journey in Florida?

"Of course it was great that my dad played football there and my mother played basketball there. That's cool and everything. But I have not even been to a Gator game or Gainesville since I was six or seven years old before I started recruiting them. My dad did not want there to be any bias. There was not; It was completely my decision.

"Basically, my family tried to make sure I did not go there for a legacy just because they went there." They told me all sorts of things and just made sure it was the right decision for me. Obviously, they were happy when I picked them.

"I have taken my own path, hopefully I can create my own legacy. That is my goal. My dad has his thing. In no way does he want it to be a complete comparison to him. He wants me to start my own thing and do my own things, and that was kind of a goal. And I feel like I can do it. "

. 4

Dan Mullen employees have so far put together a solid recruitment class. Who are you recruiting for the team?

"My friend, whom I met on another official visit – Marcus Dumervil -, is an offensive device. I met him during the official visit of the LSU. We talked for a while. I think he fits well with the Gators.

"I have a child [Jordan Young] in my school that has an offer of [Florida]. He is 2021 and I talked to him a lot. Here I am for recruiting employees. "

. 5

What is your pitch for recruits in the name of Gators?

"I kind of give them the same pitch that the coaching staff gave me. I'm not trying to send someone to Florida just because I said it. I want them to go to Florida because they want. After all, these are the people we want to have around us. The people who want to work.

"So I just tell them that this is a great program. We will come here to work. Our class will be great and the coaches will be watching over us all the time. They will not be conditional coaches … they have a great emotional connection to the players, which is another big thing I liked on and off the field.

"My greatest desire is to come and work and win I think Florida is the right place for a national championship."

– Jonathan Odom

. 6 What kind of relationship do the commits have in this class? Did you build it all up a bit during Friday Night Lights?

"I do not know if you've seen all the beef on Twitter, another FSU commitment said the commits are not together, that's the farthest away, I do not know when it was committed, who committed but we have a group chat on Twitter, we all talk to each other, we talk almost every other day.

"We had a great time on Friday Night Lights and just hang around and talk all the time, we're all close together It's a great relationship, to be honest, we all joke together, we're really starting to become a fraternity, I think that's something big. "

7. They had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with current players. Who do you talk to most when you're on campus, and what do they say to you?

"Malik Davis, who went to my school, was the one who ran back to my school as a freshman. I talk to him every time I come up. I know Zach Carter, he's gone to Hillsborough. So I also talk to him.

"On the offensive side of the ball, it's usually Lucas Krull that I talk to the most because he hosted my official visit." I started talking to Kyle Pitts and I talk to Keon [Zipperer]. I started talking to the whole small space and started to build a relationship with the people I will be with for the next four to five years. "

. 8

What personal expectations do you have of your last season in high school football?

"I myself really try to focus on being a leader. I'm just trying to be a leader on and off the field. As for statistics, I think I'm really just trying to be the biggest threat I can be. Whether my biggest threat is a decoy – because I'm sure the teams will try to double me and all the other stuff … if I'm a decoy, I have to jump over a few kids to catch the ball that's it too. Whatever the team needs, I will play my role and give the best I can. "

. 9

In a year, you will strap on the pads and practice with Florida. What do you want to achieve on and off the field in your first season?

"My biggest goals when I come to Florida are learning and sucking everything in. I just need to be supportive and spend my time taking in the insult. Try to learn from the elders and work your way up the depth map. And hopefully start in the end. That's my ultimate goal.

"freshman year, I had to develop some; get bigger, get faster, get stronger. I will just do everything I can with what they give me. I'm sure I will have some playing time in my first year, but nothing is guaranteed. I can not wait to get up there and start working. "

10th Mullen and the company want to build on a successful 10: 3 campaign that led to the Peach Bowl win. What is Gators record this season and how do you see how it ends?

"That really bothered me: I looked at all those leaderboards and they have Michigan off Florida, and I'm puzzled how Florida can destroy Michigan the last time in the Bowl game, and they're rated higher, which makes no sense to me.

1. I think they might lose a game, I still think they're going to the College Football Playoffs and probably win a national title this year, that's my prediction. "[19659009] Stay tuned to GatorsTerritory.

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