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World Cup 2018 Power Rankings: Updated after the 3rd game of each team | Bleacher Report

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    MANAN VATSYAYANA / Getty Images

    The group stage of the 2018 World Cup is over. It was a wild two weeks, but now you have the chance to breathe.

    Half of the field (1

    6 nations) was eliminated and the other half had to prevail in KO format. From here it is win-or-go-home. Grab the popcorn.

    As always, nations are judged on the likelihood that they will raise the World Cup. The strength of the performance through this phase is a natural indicator of it, although there is still some room for general abilities, clout, and especially for the side of the round of 16 they landed on.

    One page is softer than the other – you can see that here .

    The 16 eliminated teams that can no longer win the World Cup are ranked in order of how well they played and how much they impressed.

    Here you can see the ranking after the 2nd round here

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    JUAN BARRETO / Getty Images

    32. Panama (-1) [19659004] In Panama, there was no first victory in the very first World Cup finals, but they have two goals to celebrate. One came against England, courtesy of Felipe Baloy, and another came against Tunisia in the form of an own goal from Yassine Meriah. It will make a nation proud to be good there.

    31. Egypt (-2)

    A catastrophic World Cup campaign for Egypt has ended mercilessly. The fact that they lost their last match with the last game against Saudi Arabia summed up a deplorable stay in Russia. You ended up with zero points and zero good ads to talk about.

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    Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

    30. Costa Rica (-3)

    Kendall Watson's header against Switzerland on Wednesday completed the set. All 32 teams at this World Cup met at least once during their time in Russia. This goal and a late penalty, which hit Yann Sommer in the back, also screwed the parting for Los Ticos.

    29. Saudi Arabia (+3)

    Salem Al-Dawsari scored a comfortable victory over Egypt in Russia in the 94th minute in Saudi Arabia. Technically it meant nothing, as they had already relegated, but try the fans who celebrated as if they had won the entire tournament.

    28. Tunisia (+2)

    Tunisia had to come back from behind to defeat Panama in the final group match, avoiding a catastrophic end to an overall poor tournament. They lacked tactical discipline right from the beginning, and they could never compete with England and Belgium in the way they played.

    27. Iceland (-4)

    It was always too big that Iceland would go through a heavy group D, but they go after they hit well. The Nigeria game was a disaster, but fans will remember that they stole a point against Argentina and saved a Lionel Messi team for a long time.

    26. Poland (+2)

    Jan Bednarek gave his nation something to laugh about when he brought home a winner against Japan in the last game, even though people did not to stop mumbling about how bad Poland seems to fail in Russia.

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    ADRIAN DENNIS / Getty Images

    25. Australia (-3)

    Like many of the weaker nations in this finals, Australia was also close to scoring in the top scorer. The defensive game was good and the midfield pretty solid, but they struggled to make good chances and failed to score a goal that was out of place.

    24. Morocco (+2)

    Morocco looked like a possible World Cup dark horse before the tournament. In the first two games, the call looked a bit silly, but the third match … that was the kind of show that was expected.

    They fought bravely against Spain, struck them on the field, and took the lead twice while playing stellar stuff. It was a fitting end to the favorite of many neutrals.

    23. Germany (-12)

    The owner's curse has claimed another victim. Germany, World Champion 2014, dropped out in the group stage in 2018 after losing in the third game against South Korea.

    When held against their own high standards, they were cruel in almost every area. Defensively, they fought for their function, leaving massive gaps and offensively they did not click. After David Wall of Opta they had a total of two minutes and 29 seconds ahead in this tournament.

    22. Nigeria (-5)

    Nigeria can be very proud of his efforts at this World Cup; a young core, including Wilfred Ndidi, 21, and Oghenekaro Etebo, 22, in midfield, impressed despite falling in the group stage strong.

    But this reflection will probably come later. For now it will be hard to forget a big chance missed against Argentina!

    21. Peru (+4)

    Adios, Peru. You were great and a lot of fun.

    They are a team that can only play at full throttle – at full throttle – while enjoying neutral neutrons. Even if they did not play in their last group match against Australia, they showed a show.

    It's nations like these that sometimes make the group stage funnier than the knockout.

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    EMMANUEL DUNAND / Getty Images

    20. South Korea (+4)

    The defensive performance that South Korea provided in their last game against Germany was the best thing we saw from a team in this tournament. They put their bodies on the line and made spectacular blocks and great parades. Finally, after 90 minutes of wasting large positions, they enumerated this defensive effort with a counter-attack threat, twice discarding and scuttling Germany in the most spectacular fashion. It does not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but when you go out, that's the way you do it!

    19. Iran (+1)

    Iran produced 270 minutes of football, few of which believed that they could. Four points in a group with Spain, Portugal and Morocco are a brilliant achievement.

    They walk with heads raised and maybe even with a sense of "What if?" – they were very unhappy in their loss to Spain and worried Portugal until the final whistle.

    18. Serbia (Stay)

    In their last match, it was "dead-or-dying" for Serbia, and they came too short. Nobody will hold that against them – they did well, but were surpassed by a superior Brazilian team – but it will make the final setback against Switzerland in the game even more painful.

    This Xherdan Shaqiri meets, Really, was the action that sent Mladen Krstajic's men home.

    17th Senegal (-1)

    It can not be easy to adhere to the fair play rule. Senegal inspired us with a rich combination of tactical discipline and offensive skills during these finals, but was defeated by a set piece against Colombia … and then their own aggression compared to Japan.

    16. Japan (-1)

    We are now moving into the teams qualified for the knockout phase, with Japan being the lowest of the two teams

    In the last 16 after the fair play rule, six usual starters pushed for their last game. As a result, they lost to Poland, lost the top spot in the group, landed in the hard half of the draw and took on Belgium.

    They are least likely to feel from the sides that won the World Cup.

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    Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

    15th Russia (-5)

    Was Russia's 3-0 defeat to Uruguay an eye-opener? An indication of where their limits lie?

    It may be hard to think that; Russia was heavily spun – creative spark Aleksandr Golovin and their full-backs were missing from the start – and the red card killed the game prematurely. (19459012)

    But when they lost this game, they lost first place in Group A, and the penalty is a fight against Spain in the round of 16 and then probably Croatia in the quarter-final if they pass this test can. Few will hold them back to overcome the first hurdle, let alone the second.

    14. Denmark (stay)

    Mission accomplished: knockout berth secured. A Hareide's men did not struggle in the final group match against France – they simply did not have to – because the tournament's first goalless draw paved the way for a place in the last sixteen.

    But just as defensive as the Danes seem, in attack they have to pick up on anything if they want to beat Croatia and see that this journey continues.

    13. Argentina (+8)

    With the skin of their teeth

    When Argentina needed a hero, one of them stepped forward. It was not one of the usual suspects – not fresh on Sergio Agüero, not even Lionel Messi! – but Marcos Rojo. A spectacular salvo on his wrong foot saved La Albiceleste and catapulted her into the round of the last 16.

    We kept up the lead in the first half against Nigeria, but Jorge Sampaoli's men fell inside Second, as soon as the pressure is up. If this happens against France, they are outside.

    12. Sweden (+7)

    Sweden scored three goals in a single game. Hands up, who has seen this? I agree. Nobody

    It was partly a case of Mexico collapsing in the second half, but you can not take the boys in yellow and blue. With a soft 16-draw in the pocket (Switzerland), there is a real chance that this team comes to the knockout stage.

    11. Switzerland (+1)

    The fact that Switzerland could not defeat Costa Rica in the last group match does not reveal much to us. All they had to do was avoid a defeat to advance to the knockout rounds and play a much less intense game than against Brazil or Serbia.

    They have pulled Sweden into the round of the last 16 and become easy favorites for the draw. [19659101] 6 out of 15

      JORGE GUERRERO / Getty Images

      On Wednesday, Mexico was about to defeat one of the most comfortable positions a World Cup finals could have.

      In the last round of the games After six points they had to be hard hit by Sweden, who usually have trouble scoring goals. Somehow, they did just that, colliding with themselves in the second half and taking the top spot. They finally thanked the stars that beat South Korea against Germany.

      What happened? Did you take your foot off the gas? Do you relax a little too much? Her crew was practically full strength; You can not use the rotation as an excuse. Maybe that was the problem; a considerable number of other teams with six points announced the changes.

      After a major loss to the last 16 and Brazil, Mexico's chances of winning the World Cup have been sharply and strongly revised.

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    Amin Mohammad Jamali / Getty Images

    Portugal was a missed Cristiano Ronaldo penalty from the soft side of the draw and a round of 16 game against Russia. How good the margins can be

    The qualification in second place means instead that they have to play against a Uruguay team to collect a goal. This will be a tough nut that this Selecao team may not be able to do.

    Many players of Fernando Santos are fighting for form, only Rui Patricio, William Carvalho and Ronaldo show what they can do so far. That has to change if they want to get ahead.

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    MANAN VATSYAYANA / Getty Images

    Colombia pulled a rabbit from its hat. How they came to this point is almost unimaginable!

    They lost their first game in a fire of ridicule, imploding early with a red card and losing to what many felt to be the weakest side in the group. 19659004] They recovered with a big win over Poland, but were then dominated by Senegal on Thursday in the first half of a Do-or-Dole match. James Rodriguez was injured, Radamel Falcao was isolated, and everything looked grim.

    But resilience took them part of the way, and then Yerry Mina won a header. They have six points from somewhere … and they landed in the weaker side of the draw!

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    Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

    England's 1-0 defeat to Belgium sealed second place in Group G. Social Media argues hard about whether that's good or bad.

    It's usually better to win your party, but the way the draw has developed has put England on the kid's side. Colombia are a tougher game in the round of 16 than Japan, but the prospect of either Switzerland or Sweden in the quarter-finals is positive for most.

    The performance itself was quite strange; Far from the well-oiled machine that England had often seen under Gareth Southgate, the stand-in XI stuttered and struggled to get started. Southgate will hope that the momentum of the team was not given up permanently.

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    FRANCK FIFE / Getty Images

    Group C winner with seven points, conceding only one goal and Argentina in the round of 16 On the level of the surface, the French World Cup is doing quite well.

    But, as has been the case for a few months now, the dissatisfaction of the team, the media and the fans has begun. They have not played well for more than 20 minutes, and the quality that Didier Deschamps has to offer annoys a few.

    If you still support France to win this tournament, "essentially play that they" figure it out "if required.

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    MANAN VATSYAYANA / Getty Images

    Played three, won three, zero came in. How unbelievable is Uruguay?

    In group A, they were supported by an early red card from Russia on their way to the top of the league, although they had already scored two goals at the time a walk and perhaps a personal mission from Edinson Cavani to stand out.

    This result teaches us much more about Russia's borders than Uruguay's strength. "La Celeste is still a little difficult to measure."

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    ATTILA KISBENEDEK / Getty Images

    On Thursday Belgium saw the best reserves in England to reach the top spot in Group G. It did not tell us much by that the Red Devils have a serious depth and can string together quite seamlessly when needed.

    They won the game despite Roberto Martínez & # 39; Vormatch claiming that " is not the priority to win" the Guard and have put in the harder bracket. Or maybe they wanted it because they're getting the most out of it and trying to prove to everyone that they're the real business.

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    FRANCISCO LEONG / Getty Images

    Brazil are growing in this tournament. This second half against Costa Rica was very promising and their 2-0 win against Serbia on Wednesday was even clearer. Other teams should be very careful.

    So much was expected of Neymar this summer, and while he is slowly improving and finding his groove, it was Philippe Coutinho who has pulled through The Selecao so far. He scored important goals against Switzerland and Costa Rica and provided key support against Serbia.

    Casemiro, Thiago Silva and Miranda also had excellent tournaments. They are just waiting for Gabriel to bring Jesus to life in the attack.

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    Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

    Spain met the Moroccans, who we thought we might see in the first two games: witty and clever, but with a final touch.

    It was a hard game that made it easy for Jago Aspas to save a point in the 91st minute with a heroic back-off finish. With this foot movement La Furia Roja reached the top of Group B and in the weaker half of the knockout round.

    That is crucial and is partly the reason why Spain is so highly valued. They still have to shoot on all cylinders, but their way into the quarter-finals – they take on Russia in the last 16 at least looks clear.

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    JOE KLAMAR / Getty Images

    Croatia were one of only three teams to claim nine points in the group stage. They have combined the quality of the stars with the ability to bring the results to a fantastic effect. It has led them to the soft side of the knockout round and rewarded them with a nice round of the last 16 against Denmark.

    Even a strongly rotated selection, including those of Duje Caleta-Car and Josip Pivaric, could win a team still eligible to play Iceland, and Zlatko Dalic could give Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic the right number (19659004) Never in theirs History, they have won three consecutive World Cup games. Next, in Dalic's own words, through the Press Association (via the Daily Mail ) comes the "moment of truth" as the hard trials begin.

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