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World of Final Fantasy Maxima launches on Xbox One

A few weeks ago Square Enix announced that it offers a wide range of Final Fantasy games for Xbox One. Today, Square Enix has launched World of Final Fantasy Maxima on Xbox One and other platforms. Players can rediscover the magical world of Grymoire.

World of Final Fantasy In Maxima, there are a number of characters from Final Fantasy history and a multitude of collectible monsters. While the story is not as heavy as Final Fantasy XV, it's still a joy to experience. Unlike Final Fantasy XV, the game did not score highly on reviewers and is currently 77 for Metacritic.

Surprisingly, the game is 1

1.72GB and features Xbox One X enhancements. World of Final Fantasy Maxima is reportedly running on the native 4K resolution on the new console from Microsoft, but this has not yet been confirmed by a thorough analysis.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima costs $ 39.99 and is only available as a digital download. Final Fantasy is one of the most popular franchise companies in the world. These include various spin-offs and other experiences. This game seems to be aimed at those who are unfamiliar with the key rates, as it offers a simplified fight and a less serious story. The main Final Fantasy games are hardcore experiences that require tens of hours, so this can be a strategy to find a different crowd, accessories, news and reviews!

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