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World War Z is almost the leftist successor I've been looking for for years

I've come to terms with the fact that Left 4 Dead 3 never Will happen. Without Valve creating a new entry in the franchise, other studios will have to fill the zombie co-op action hole that will never fill L4D3 . World War Z feels like he might do that right now, but it's a bit too rough right now.

World War Z is based, I think, on the Brad Pitt movie of the same name, which was loosely based on the book of the same name. I loved the book, even though I skipped the movie. As far as I know, the game is hardly related to the movie, you do not feel obliged to look at it before you go inside.

Developed by Saber Interactive, World War I is essentially Left 4 Dead and not only because it's a 4-player co-op shooter with zombies. Many different elements and ideas from Left 4 Dead were also found in World War Z .

There are special zombies that have different abilities, including one that sneaks around and crashes into players, holding them down while cutting them up. Yes, they literally have a hunter specifically infected by L4D in this game. Players wear medkits that other players or themselves can heal. When players are attacked by special Infected, they are highlighted by the game, so teammates can be helped more easily. Friendly players appear as white outlines through walls, making it easier for them to find and work together. Levels often end up with spacers, and in some areas, small goals are added, such as five boxes to make the level more hectic and difficult. You have the idea. However,

World War Z is not just a copy of L4D . Instead, it feels as if the developers have taken these games as a basis and added new features and mechanisms to that.

The biggest difference between World War Z and Left 4 Dead is the Focus on classes and upgrades. In Left 4 Dead all characters were the same and the players all had the same abilities and limitations. World War Z takes a different direction and gives players several classes to choose from. Each of these classes has different abilities and starting equipment. For example, the Medic class starts with a health pacemaker and an SMG, while another class starts with a rifle and explosive ammo bags.

Another main difference is that every weapon in the game can be upgraded. When players use weapons, they are brought to a level. Between missions, players can upgrade these weapons. So you like using the sports rifle, and after using a bundle, extend it with a rifle scope to make it more accurate. The next time you play a mission and find a sporting rifle in the world, you have this freedom. The skills and passive reinforcements that each class has can also be improved as you play more.

For some, this extra depth World War Z becomes a more interesting game than Left 4 Dead ]. For others, however, the game may feel unnecessarily complicated and it is hard to jump. If you're a paramedic, should you heal other players because you make it faster? In my time with the game, I've found that the various class skills and weapon upgrades are not that important. But I'm still early. For tougher missions, players may need to focus more on synergies and skills.

The star of World War Z is the zombie horde. They can be seen in all marketing and trailers. These hordes are incredibly in action to see in the game. Seeing thousands of zombies running around a level, forming an ocean of corpses, being wild and feeling very different from other zombies. More impressive, at least on PS4, these hordes cause no major performance problems.

Hordes in The Second World War will climb up walls like film, creating pyramids of zombies. It's a bit silly, but it also creates moments where players not only have to manage zombies, but also the huge zed wave that grows on the wall behind them. Shooting these hordes and pyramids with a rocket or grenade is immensely satisfying.

The hordes are also used in some haunting moments of the game. Particularly noteworthy is a moment in which the players work their way up through a large vertical tunnel and suddenly zombies throw themselves down from the top of the tunnel. It was an eerie experience to run through such falling bodies.

World War Z has a lot that works. Unfortunately, there are some issues that currently prevent him from being a true successor to Left 4 Dead .

The biggest problem is the feeling that this game is not quite finished. The audio quality is variable, some characters sound good and other characters sound like they've been recording all their lines through a 2009 Skype call. Frequent crashes have been reported on various platforms, and on PS4 some players have discovered a bug that clears their memory and progress.

Another annoyance is that World War Z lacks some important features for a game aimed at co-op and multiplayer. Players can not create private lobbies to play with friends. So if you and a friend want to play with some bots, you're out of luck. Instead, players must play online with random players. You can play missions solo offline, which is nice, but not the way I want to play this game.

Ironically, you can not start a mission online with other players online. Instead, you search for a mission lobby and are randomly added to a match. This means that you can jump into a game during the mission. Playing with my brother, we participated in missions because they were almost finished. Since you are not able to start a lobby and get together with people and from the beginning to load in a new mission, I still have to see the beginning of some cards. Fortunately, it sounds like private lobbies could be added in the future.

Servers were also patchy, with players on platforms reporting problems with joining other players. I had two missions back and was sent back to the lobby.

Crappy servers, no private lobbies, and some quality issues are currently holding World War Z and making it hard for me to really enjoy it. However, these are all issues that could possibly be resolved through a few updates and patches. I hope these issues are resolved, because if the game works and everyone is struggling with each other, I think World War Z is a great co-op game and a worthy successor to [4] (19459019) Left 4 Dead 2. [19659023]
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