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WWE Hall of Famer wants to be part of AEW

WWE's Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal explained why he's looking forward to Cody Rhodes and The Elites New Wrestling Action All Elite Wrestling in his recent What A Rush Podcast . Animal, a nearly 40-year-old ring veteran, believes he could help AEW develop their talent, especially the Tag Team Division.

Animal believes that AEW will find something special in how they present their product, and gives fans a back-to-basics show that will not make promises that they will ultimately fail to fulfill.

"This is another show in which Cody a As part of ALL IN they asked me to be in the spring," said Animal. "And I do not know if this will be at the NWA or at ELITE, but in any case, I'm excited to be doing this show as well, it's great to see a corporate opening that goes back to basics and doing what pro wrestling does right, give the fans what they expect, and do not do a big ceremony: "We'll give you what you want to see!" and then do what we want to do anyway, this is really about it What the Fans Need to See. "

Animal hopes to join AEW's growing team and use his lifelong knowledge of pro wrestling to enhance the brand of Khan and The Elite premieres. The Animal Award speaks for itself. She was a multi-time tag team champion in wrestling promotions around the world and was inducted into the NWA, WWE and Professional Wrestling Hall of Fames. Animal wants to return the knowledge and build up an excellent tag team division with AEW.

"You have received a great product, and I think I would help them improve their product with my wrestling skills in the tag team industry, especially me. I think I could be a good edition, unlike everything else, "Animal explained.

You can listen to the full interview here. If you use any of the quotation marks in this article, please comment on What A Rush Podcast to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.

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