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WWE Hell in a Cell 2019: Full results, terrible ending, new champions and reactions


It's fine. All is well.


Hell in a Cell 2019 kicked off with two great matches in Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks and the Tornado Tag match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan versus Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. Then the show went downhill. It could have been saved by a major electrical event, but unfortunately this major event was the last and most painful nail in the coffin.

I hesitate to call hell in a cell bad ] because the two opening matches were so strong. But of all wrestling events with two great matches this is as bad as it gets. The show was designed to skip most of it, and the end was fantastically stupid. So, you know what, yes, I'll say it. This was a bad show.

The quick things you need to know: Lynch beat Banks to retain her title, Charlotte beat Bayley to become 10x Women's Champion, and Seth Rollins beat The Fiend in A Game of Hell in one Cell, a provision specifically designed to produce a clear winner, ended up with a non-contest. Yes. Below are the full results and reviews from the end of the show to the beginning.

Seth Rollins retains his championship in a no contest


It's not just internet wrestling nerds like me or the crowd who paid for a clean end of money, who are crazy. X-Pac, who was doing the WWE talk show Watch Along, was nervous.

The story of the game was that The Fiend is unbeatable. After about 10 minutes of wrestling, Rollins met about a dozen Curbstomps and got only one count. He hit Bray Wyatt in the chair with a chair. He stacked a ladder, chairs, and toolbox on Wyatt's face, then fetched a sledgehammer and shattered Wyatt with it. And the referee called for the bell, because Rollins, I do not know, had gone too far?

The crowd roars. Wyatt kills Rollins after the match with the lower jaw claw and hits sister Abigail on the concrete. WWE did not want to defeat The Fiend, but they did not want to give him the title. So they resorted to a finish that made no sense. The show ends with the crowd singing "AEW" (for the new rival WWE) and "refund."

Rating: 2 stars . The Fiend is still damn cool, but here was a stupid conclusion that made no sense. Hell in a cell games have no rules, and some have included a sledgehammer. The referee canceled the match for no reason.

Charlotte is a 10-time women's champion.

This show had a great start but since the tornado day it has been a long day. The crowd is emptied when Bayley starts against Charlotte Flair.

The match revolved around the two women working each other over their legs. Crowd was only a minute away from the finish when they started with loud duel songs from "Let's go Charlotte" and "Let's go Bayley". The end came a moment later, when Charlotte Bayley finds herself putting her feet on the ropes when rolling up and putting them in an eight for submission.

Charlotte taunts Bayley on the way up the ramp. Bayley is crying.

Rating: 2 stars. After so many games without heat, these women never really had a chance. It was just fine.

Chad Gable beats Baron Corbin, is called Shorty Gable.

Baron Corbin starts the match with a promo that Gable is short. My roommates came in and I had to explain why he wears a crown. It was a bad time to be a wrestling fan.

After a long match that did not interest the crowd, Gable Corbin rolled for Corbin for a threefold count, trying to beat Gable with his scepter. During the game, Corey Graves continued to call Chad "Shorty Gable." After the match, Greg Hamilton announced that "Shorty Gable" had won. Vince McMahon laughs his ass somewhere.

Rating: 2 stars. It was good. The crowd did not care about it for the most part.

The O.C. Braun Strowman and The Viking Raiders finish in the DQ

Braun Strowman is the team partner of the Viking Raiders, so you know The O.C. does not win.

After a raw-day tag team match, the O.C. Triple teams Braun Strowman and the referee call a DQ. Not much for this game. The Viking Raiders had twice beaten Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on television, and WWE is preparing Strowman for an angle with boxing star Tyson Fury. Nobody had really expected the strong bearded team to lose.


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After the match, the Viking Raiders rushed Gallows and Anderson. Styles works on Strowman in the ring. He strives for a phenomenal forearm, but Strowman hits a big punch while Styles is in the air. Styles does a great job after selling, getting knocked out, stumbling over the ramp, and asking the referee what city he's in.

Score: 2 stars It was good.

Kabuki Warriors win the tag titles

Asuka is the best wrestler on the squad and among the best performers on the squad, and Kairi Sane is also fantastic. The fact that these two have been used so little is criminally stupid.

This is hopefully the beginning of a change. The pair won the Women & # 39; s Tag Team titles of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss after Asuka Cross spat green mists in the face and caught them with a high kick. As in the last game, it has also hurt this absence on TV. There were very few public reactions. Asuka and Sane, who are now inexplicably heels, did not help.

rating: 2 stars. No build up and the Kabuki warriors, who were bad guys without explanation, meant that the crowd did not have much interest. Hopefully, Asuka and Sane, two great performers, can give meaning to these titles.

Ali by Randy Orton RKO has been forgotten.

Hell in a Cell had announced only four games by Saturday, and two of those games have already started going on. So we have some time to fill, and Randy Orton vs. Ali is not a bad way to fill it. At least on paper.

That matched technically well. Ali's offense is crisp and he played his outsider role well. Orton is Orton, which means that it's not very exciting to see him, but he feels like a star. However, since this did not happen on television at all, the crowd did not care about most of the competition.

Orton brought Ali to an announcer's table at the beginning of the game and scratched his stomach gnawingly for the rest of the fight. The only moment that was truly remarkable was Ali's creative counter of an RKO, where he hit a handstand to keep his head from hitting the mat. However, it would only be a few moments later that Orton met a real RKO.

Orton gave a concerted nod to the fallen Ali and slapped his chest admiringly. So the idea here was probably to make Ali look good by doing so well against Orton.

Rating: 2.5 stars . Good wrestling, dead lot.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns def. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

These boys beat crap against each other.

This match was played according to tornado tag rules or out and no rules at all. The match started with a big flash, with suicide attempts and Superman strikes, but Harper and Rowan gained control and slowed the pace. There was a long heat period when Harper and Rowan Bryan and Reigns slowly collapsed to reset the crowd. Then the two good guys celebrated their comeback.

This was another great match. The second half was full of creative spots. The best part came when the two big men tried to bomb Bryan through the notice tables, but Bryan countered with a hurricane rara and sent Harper to the ground. The government then followed Rowan with a huge spear and squeezed it through another announce table.

Reigns and Bryan got the pin after a strike from Superman, who attacked Harper with knee and spear combo. The two hugged it after the match, which was very healthy.

Rating: 4 stars. Bryan, Reigns and Harper are fantastic performers. How could it be bad?

Becky Lynch defeats Sasha Banks as the champion of Becky Lynch's reign. The audience started lukewarm – maybe a bad omen for the rest of the card – but the two women have them well and really invested in the match. And despite the multitude of weapons, it was not cheap. This was a match that was methodically built at a steady but not boring pace until the climax on which Lynch Banks crashed with the Disarmer armbar.

The hell in a cell match began with many brawls the outside of the ring that led to chairs, a table and even a ladder were produced under the ring. All these weapons would eventually be used. Lots of great places, especially the Banks Meteora, a move that makes them jump off the top rope or another high platform and kneel down first on their opponent's shoulders.

Banks met a Meteora from the apron on Lynch a standing ladder. She slammed the meteora from the top rope through a chair on Lynch. And later through a table. Banks was in many ways the hero of this match, with much offensive and great sales success.

The crowd ended up very hot for that. Banks set up a few chairs in the ring and climbed onto the ropes just so Lynch threw a chair on them, slammed an explosive from the second rope into more chains, and then locked the disarmer.

Rating: 4 stars. Great match.

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