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WWE initiates "Wednesday Night War" with AEW & NXT as first victim

It has been announced that WWE's NXT brand will join USA Network on Wednesday night. Most importantly, Vince McMahon will remove Triple H from its position as the main venue and take on a personal role in its production. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer said, "(McMahon) will not be easily seen in a broadcast on the USA Network."

The shift of the popular development brand to network television is not quite as subtle in response to AEW's upcoming broadcast Wednesday night on TNT. AEW has clearly tried to choose a night for which WWE is currently unprogrammed. This is consistent with their claim that they did not want to keep up, but offer only an alternative. But WWE has now aggressively pushed the competition towards them. It's WWE who fired the first shot in a new rating war ̵

1; a "Wednesday night war," if you like.

  Wednesday night war

McMahon simply could not stand a major pro-wrestling alternative, though the two companies The crowd could not be more different. In fact, it was suspected that the fan bases are very little crossed. Cody Rhodes said in an interview recently, "This is a different audience. I'm sure you know that the data indicates that there are not as many crossover fans as you think. These fans are hiding. Where the hell were they? "

Well, these hidden fans were forced to find other sources of entertainment than wrestling. Many of AEW's core fans are former WWE fans who have long since decided that WWE will not program programs for them. Now they finally have an alternative, but the bullying WWE can not just leave it to them. McMahon must instigate a war and try to reduce something that many people just want to enjoy innocently. Whatever the outcome of this conflict, we must always remember the election that WWE has made here. We must remember that McMahon could not live on the industry with less than a total iron bargaining power.

  Wednesday Night War

Image Credit: Provided by WWE.com

The problem for WWE is that the decorated general of the Monday Night War, the same Vince McMahon, is making efforts in the to conduct a new Wednesday Night War. After all, it's the shows that McMahon monitors directly and that are not listed in the ratings. Triple H was the overseer of NXT and many suspect that this is one of the keys to success. Something new blood. A new approach. Another creative spirit.

If WWE wants to compete with AEW on Wednesday night, NXT will still have to be what it was. It has to be the show that fans love it for. With major changes in the production, however, there is a risk that the show does not feel different.

Much of NXT's success comes from the fact that wrestlers themselves have more freedom to explore their characters. If you let the wrestlers cut their own promos and give them the freedom to perform, magic happens. I have covered this in detail in an earlier article. When they start scribbling all the NXT promos on the letter, I think there is at least one nail in their coffin. Simply moving NXT to the same place Raw and Smackdown were in the same way would risk losing what made it unique.

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If WWE wants to compete with AEW on Wednesday night, NXT needs it to continue being that what it was. It has to remain the same show that fans have come to love. But as production has changed a lot, it's unlikely the show will feel different. Of course it will feel different. It will stop being Triple H's baby and feel more like a McMahon-led show.

It was clearly the new blood NXT ran that did it well. What else could it be? McMahon is the variable with the biggest impact. Many of the NXT stars – who are legitimate stars of the yellow brand – often get into the main list and do nothing in the end. McMahon has not shown that he really knows what to do with many of these talents, even though they were already successful under one of his banners.

This is because much of this achievement has been achieved solely because of it's more creative freedom. It is McMahon's highest hubris to position himself as the only creator of true superstars. It must seem to him that he is the only one who is blessed with the touch of Midas. But there are mountains of examples that show that talented people can become stars if only they get rid of the tyrant who keeps them tied up.

  Wednesday Night War

Credit: Provided by WWE. com

McMahon seems to be spreading out pretty thin. Now that NXT is thrown on his plate, NXT will by no means receive the attention that Triple H alone might have been able to put in it. It is overproduced, as are the flagships Raw and Smackdown. That's why many of these guys and girls from NXT end up on the squad after having so much fun in NXT. NXT had a personal touch that weighed on the dynamics of the old school a little more. It was real pro wrestling. On the main list they are all only swallowed by the sports entertainment machine. Some manage to become stars, but the majority does not even become stable mid-carders. They tend to disappear in the purgatory of their WWE contract, out of sight and reason.

WWE does not focus on improving their creative abilities, but wants to control everything from a business standpoint. The same is true of stagnant dictatorships in political systems. They mercilessly destroy all competing parties without respecting the wishes and needs of their citizens. It's all about keeping power under control

Also right where McMahon wants it. When not in use, they should be on the bench collecting moss. Why else would WWE offer contracts for those who have recently had a halfway notable name in wrestling? They basically offer people a simple paycheck, whether they get used to it or not, just so they can not go anywhere else. WWE wants to have all the talents on Lockdown so they can not have anyone else. They do not care if they actually use them for their abilities.

WWE is a reckless and soulless company. Creative is secondary in almost every respect. They're not really worried about giving the fans a really great product, but they hate the idea that someone else is trying. WWE does not focus on improving its creative abilities, but simply wants to manage everything from a business standpoint. The same is true of stagnant dictatorships in political systems. They mercilessly destroy all competing parties without respecting the wishes and needs of their citizens. It's just about keeping the power under control. If anything in wrestling ever had to be fought, then that wanton power and position abuse by the WWE. They profaned what was once a cherished entertainment product, and they consistently do everything they can to prevent its revival.

  Wednesday Night War

But there's a silver lining. If McMahon really wanted NXT to defeat AEW in the coming wars, he would leave his dirty paws out and do nothing about it. But we all know he could never do that. McMahon will unintentionally give AEW the best chance of winning the Wednesday night's war by simply being too committed. This is not the same man from the Monday night war, and WWE is not the same company. Last time it was business acumen combined with first-class creative skill that won the war. Now that there is a lack of creative misery, business sense alone will not be enough.

The WWE empire has been declining for a long time – and the case is coming. Those who believe that WWE is too big to fail did not study the history of the principalities. The same was thought about Rome … once. Nothing is left forever and time is the master of everything.

  Wednesday Night War

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