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WWE NXT Results, Review, Ratings: Bayley marching in, Finn Balor getting new opponent, WarGames changing

Another week, another breathtaking release of NXT. After a slow start to the USA Network focusing solely on the quality of the games, NXT has come up with the formula for mainstream success with an impressive two-hour show featuring three fantastic matches (out of four) and plenty of storyline development there was his upcoming NXT TakeOver: WarGames 3 event next Saturday in Chicago.

A giant WWE superstar reentered NXT as the main lineup continued to build on the Survivor Series next Sunday. Finn Balor got a new opponent after injuring Johnny Gargano, and this move has also upset the men's WarGames match. The women's WarGames match seems to be over, but a member injury ̵

1; perhaps Kayfabe in action, maybe not in reality – has increased the intensity at the end of the show on Wednesday night.

Let's take a look at everything that happened on NXT.

NXT Championship – Lio Rush (c) defeated. Angel Garza on a pinball machine to claim the title: When the match began, Garza jumped into the crowd and pulled off her pants in front of Rush's wife and children. In the fast-paced match, Garza surprised the crowd by kicking Rush's back as he tried to jump off a springboard from the bottom rope. Garza then hit an insane Moonsault Powerslam on Rush, who scored 2.5 points. Rush responded with a standing Spanish bow tie, a rotating heel kick and a stepping-stone cutter. However, when Rush tried out a second springboard cutter, Garza caught him in the Wing Clipper for a 2.5. Garza's attempt to build a Wing Clipper on the top rope was rejected by Rush, who threw it on the canvas and hit the last hour for a surprising 2.5. Rush scored the last hour again on a leaning Garza to the 1: 2 victory when the referee missed Garza's foot and roped the ropes during the Pinfalls. Incredible match with a clever finish to keep Garza strong and fight for the title. Grade: A

Xia Li def. Aliyah via Pinfall with a roundhouse kick. Aliyah was held down by the kick and tore her nose open. A trainer immediately ran a towel to get the blood.

Finn Balor, brawl with Matt Riddle: Balor came to the ring wondering why NXT had refused in his absence and phoned Johnny Gargano because he was not there yet three weeks after Pele had received a kick. Moments after calling Riddle similarly weak after taking the 1916 DDT last week, Riddle attacked him from behind and sent him scurrying. The undisputed era came out to attack Riddle, but his WarGames teammates counterbalanced the sites. General Manager William Regal later betrayed Balor against Riddle for NXT TakeOver, removed Riddle from the WarGames match and replaced him with Gargano.

Keith Lee defeated. Roderick Strong (c) Pinfall in a Untitled Game: After both WarGames teams clapped the microphone, Lee challenged Adam Cole, but Strong stepped in for his stable mate. Lee hit hard with two impressive avalanche supersplexes, but failed to score more than 2.5. When Lee put Strong on a clothesline, the rest of the UE came to the ring; However, Riddle and Tommaso Ciampa equalized the odds. Suddenly Balor appeared with a Slingblade and Rocket Dropkick to destroy Riddle on the Ring. A distracted Lee ate a jumping knee in the face and Roddy Slam threw himself out of the tournament with 2.7. Lee then dodged a Senton and hit a jackhammer for the 1-2-3 to pin down the North American champion. What could have been another incredible match was interrupted by the action, which is fine, but prevents a higher rating. Grade: B

WarGames Team Completion: UE attacked Lee after the match and Ciampa was insufficient to rescue him. Dominick Dijakovic came out to wipe out UE alone and hit Cole with Feast Your Eyes. Dijakovic wanted to be in the WarGames team. Ciampa shook his hand and after a face-off with Lee they also shook hands. Maybe Velveteen Dream returns to end the WarGames team.

Isaiah "Swerve" defeated Scott. Bronson Reed on Pinfall: Swerve often returned to Reed's more brutal style in the match, as his athleticism was often nullified by Reed's greatness. Nevertheless, Swerve was able to demonstrate his athleticism, especially at the end of the game, when he broke off a sunset flip pinning attempt to fight House Call for victory. The men shook hands after the match. Good wrestling, but it's difficult to survive the show's first two matches. Difficulty: C +

Pete Dunne against Killian Dain never started when Damien Priest attacked Dain from behind. Priest took Dunne and Dain downstairs before flinging an NXT guard with a crucifix bomb over the top rope to the floor. While Dunne and Dain fought outside, Priest hit an incredibly impressive upward trend to align and stand upright. A good way to start a triple-threat match on NXT TakeOver. Grade: B-

Io Shirai def. Mia Yim in a ladder match to claim a WarGames advantage: The ladder was quickly occupied with Shirai taking a suplex, but a kick and a Flapjack from Tiger Feint of Shirai gave her the advantage. Shirai then freaked out of a back drop, but was completely ruined by a belly-to-belly suplex on the side of a ladder supported in the corner. Yim hit Protect Ya Neck, but as she raised the ladder, Shirai dug her with a springboard rocket dropkick that hit Yim and spilled blood all over the ring. After delaying the goal as Yim was being handled by coaches, Shirai Yim bombarded the ladder and hit her with devastating double knees in the corner.

Dakota Kai came out to see Yim outside the ring, but Shirai hit a moonsault against the outside wiping out both women. While Shirai tried to climb the ladder, Kai pulled her down with a force bomb and rolled Yim into the ring. However, when Yim climbed to the top, NXT UK champion Kay Lee Ray ran in to throw Kai down the steel steps and tip Yim off the ladder and through another ladder between the apron and the barricade. Shirai rose to victory in an absolutely brutal match that showed the best of Shirai and Yim. For a TV ranking game it was a home game. Grade: A

Bayley Attacks: When Shirai, Ray and Bianca Belair celebrated in the ring, NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler joined her WarGames teammate. But before Baszler could go to the ring, the SmackDown women's champion Bayley struck her from behind with a chair and slammed her into her own women's title as NXT went off the air. Rhea Ripley, Teagen Nox, Jessamen Duke and Candice LaRae were attacked all night and left injured on gravel and sidewalks. WWE did not pay off if Ray or Bayley carried out these attacks. Many thought Kai was in that position, but she still seemed to be focused on their faces.

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