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WWE NXT Test (December 26, 2018): Done

For a more detailed summary, see our live blog here .

Bianca Belair def. Lacey Evans, Io Shira & Mia Yim by pinning Evans to K.O.D. to become # 1 contender and Shayna Baszler's opponent at TakeOver: Phoenix . Jaxson Ryker def. Mitch Taverna via Pinfall after a rebound powerbomb.


1; Really a strong opener, but before we go any further, can we talk about Belair's Dope Jeans gear? I forget where, but I recently read a discussion about a new ring dress for Becky Lynch, and someone suggested she rock a Stone Cold-inspired jeans / black T-shirt ensemble. This idea was reasonably shot down because women wrestling with jeans are impractical and prone to wardrobe malfunction. Not so, says the next challenger for the NXT Womens title.

The amount of shine each wrestler got was about as good as you would expect. The two who programmed the longest with NXT were best presented. Bianca was her clumsy self, refusing to team up with anyone, break pins with her hair and fight for the competition to win the match and get a title shot. Evans was ready for the call that we now know she's getting. They even defeated their finisher (whether you love it or hate it, NXT built the women's rights very well.)

Shirai looks great, but remains a Cypher. I can extrapolate from their friendly arrogance from the Mae Young Classic, but this character has not really been developed here. We need a reason to go beyond her, not just for beautifully performed moves and a love for Rey Mysterio. If someone got lost in this match, it was Yim. After a flood of early offenses with Io, she disappeared or sold the rest of the way. What is what you expect from someone who just signed a few months ago? But you have to wonder if someone who has established himself as more threatening could not have cut the Mia or the Genius of the Sky – where, for example, Candice LeRae?

. Even so, it's about time that Belair abducted her-a-fe-ted self to a TakeOver for a match that, technically speaking, was heel-to-toe. Heel is, but NXT viewers are already cheering the EST. The only question is whether she and the creative person bow to it more than before. It does not cheat, so I suspect they're leaving you. Watch her shine.

– The most notable thing about Ryker's squash was the strange production mistake that left us without comment between the commercials. Jaxson looked mean and won within minutes; Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler are just cheering from the sideline, but do not let them in. We still have to learn something about Forgotten Sons. Maybe Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson told us something else tonight, but we would not have heard if they did.

Velveteen Dream recapitulates his 2018 and predicts his 2019 in Velveteen Dream style. The match of the NXT champion against Aleister Black is confirmed for Phoenix, and Tommaso Ciampa takes his old day partner as a role model before stating that Johnny Gargano should fight for the North American title of Ricochet at TakeOver , Matt Riddle meets Kassius Ohno next week and we receive the Year End Awards.

– We're still waiting for any indication of what Dream will do after being neglected in his NXT title match WarGames 2 . Meanwhile, I'm okay with producing these hype videos showing highlights & free tweets by Hall of Famers and whispering the last word of his sentences. I still can not wait …

– Oh, Tommy Sports Entertainment. You clever son of a B ****. Not only is he crazy about his arch rival, he has used him to lose his next challenger, and now diverts him to another destination while offering a perverse version of the dream they once shared. It's such a good plan, and Ciampa is such a good allrounder. I want it to work. It becomes even more glorious when it falls apart – especially when Gargano's oft-mentioned fantasy booking, which employs a long swindler, approaches his former partner before his soul is crushed.

However self-confident, he presents these plans as if he were authorized (very interested in what William Regal says about his explanation that Johnny "can not stand a chance on my title"), but still gets one Pathway Path Gargano must choose. Did I mention how much I love this story lately?

Undisputed ERA def. Heavy Machinery via Pinfall after Total Elimination to maintain the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Two themes have emerged from the big games of this episode.

One was that the files promoted to Raw and SmackDown are ready. We'll see if the main list is ready and, more importantly, has plans for it. Probably even more than Evans, Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight have done that by proving they are both a wrestler and a fun time-comedy team. Will they have the chance to show that, or follow The Revival, American Alpha, and others to engage in tag wrestling on the next level?

We will find out soon. We will always have a really good game from this show to look back in both directions. We saw Dozer selling, especially during his mini-singles run, which ended a few months ago with a good showing against Ciampa. It was Tucky's turn tonight, and when Kyle O'Rilly and Roderick Strong aimed at his leg, he showed he could handle that responsibility as well. I particularly liked a sequence in which they switched from Otis Scotty Too Hotty-inspired Caterpillar to their new Hoss Toss, a catapult power slam tandem maneuver that Dash & Dawson could be proud of.

The other theme of the show was that NXT heels do not have to cheat to win, at least not all the time. Sometimes, just like Roddy and Kyle, they are just A-holes that are really good at pro-wrestling. The goal here was to methodically eliminate Knight while triggering a series of attacks – a Tower of Doom point, an ax-knee combo, and finally their high / low finisher – at Dozovic until they won , It made their opponents look tough while they looked good. What a concept!

They also maintained it with their fallout interview.

If you like good day wrestling and entertaining wrestling shows, make your black and yellow.

This was a rather short episode (it took about 50 minutes) and very much to the NXT formula of some good matches, a few promos and one or two squashes. It's probably not necessarily to be seen, because everything went as expected.

But why do not you want to watch 50 minutes of a well-composed wrestling show?

Grade: B

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