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WWE Raw Results, Summary, Scores: AJ Styles returns shockingly, Drew McIntyre shines in front of Money in the Bank

The main story in this week’s edition of WWE Raw was a battle for last place in the Money in the Bank leaderboard game on Sunday. The site had previously been occupied by Apollo Crews before being taken out by Andrade last week. The final match in the fighting game was a shock when AJ Styles returned in a boneyard match at WrestleMania 36 for the first time since his funeral by The Undertaker.

Styles was able to take down Humberto Carrillo – who had already wrestled three men – to win the match and consolidate his place as a favorite to win the ranked match. However, this wasn’t the only big moment that led to Sunday̵

7;s pay-per-view event. WWE champ Drew McIntyre competed against Murphy in the main event of the night – the “student” of Seth Rollins, who will fight for the title on Sunday. When Rollins watched, McIntyre brutally destroyed his protege.

However, that was not the end as Rollins would blind McIntyre with an attack. Before he could deliver a message with one of his patented stomps, the champion blew him up and chased him out of the ring when McIntyre got the last job before their showdown.

Let’s take a look at everything that happened in the Go-Home edition of Raw by Money in the Bank.

WWE Raw results, grades

Raw opened the MVP VIP Lounge with a special edition. After MVP’s attempt to host the Raw men set for the Money in the Bank leaderboard game ended in a brawl last week, he tried to welcome Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Asuka, Raw’s female contestant for the game. After Baszler and Asuka started exchanging works and came from head to toe, they both looked at Jax. When Jax realized what was going on, she started to stand only to be kicked out of the ring by both women who then had to be kept apart by MVP when the segment ended with a strong note without unnecessary fuzz. Grade B-

AJ Styles def. Submit Humberto Carrillo to win a fighting game and qualify for Money in the Bank. Lashley dominated the early stages of the game with wins over Titus O’Neil and Akira Tozawa before losing his coolness against Humberto Carrillo and disqualifying himself. Carrillo managed to fight for victories over Angel Garza and Austin Theory, both of whom had Zelina Vega on the ring, but the shocking return of AJ Styles was the story that emerged from the match when he returned for the first time since his funeral The Undertaker in the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania. Styles ended Carrillo’s run with a Calf Crusher post to end a lengthy fighting game with one of the highest possible grades, even if Vegas Crew continues to fight, a waste of a potentially large heel stable remains. Note: B +

AJ Styles made a promo after his win. After brutalizing Carillo and attacking his knee, Styles admitted that The Undertaker had buried him at WrestleMania, but wiped out any meaning for that moment. “I was buried,” said Styles. I admit it. I get it. But that doesn’t mean I lost. There are no rules in a boneyard match. No rules at all. That was then and it is now. I have seized an opportunity. You see, I am now in the most unique money in the bank manager game and it is worth it. In fact, I will do anything and I mean everything to get that money in the banking contract. If that means throwing Rey Mysterio or Aleister Black from the top of WWE headquarters? So be it. “

Seth Rollins participated in a sitting interview in the ring. Rollins admitted that McIntyre was a dominant champion, fighter, warrior, and honorable man before he insisted that McIntyre is not a leader and is not meant to lead WWE into the future. Rollins put forward his theory that being a champion means being responsible for a generation and the whole company and that only he is able to bear this burden. Rollins’ promotional work during this program was consistently strong – even though he delivers the same message every week – and this interview was no different as his intensity and delusions of his own meaning came across well. Note: B +

Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne were shown backstage Preparing for their match with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet when MVP gave the last encouraging words. MVP prepared the match last week and brought Vink and Thorne from NXT’s talent for improvement to an actual program.

Murphy was interviewed backstage. He was asked why he was so loyal to Seth Rollins. Murphy said he needed Rollins and Rollins needed him. Now he has learned and developed and one day it could be as good – or better – than Rollins.

Brendan Vink & Shane Thorne def. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander on Pinfall after a Vink Big Boot on Ricochet. This was a fairly short match where the size and strength of the upstarts managed by MVP caused a big surprise. It is a bit disappointing that Ricochet and Alexander are under pressure from losses as they have proven to be a promising tag team. But there is clearly something that WWE sees in Vink and Thorne when paired with MVP and used in this match. The match itself was solid, even if the result was confusing. Grade B-

The Viking Raiders def. The road benefits from Pinfall in an untitled match based on the Viking Experience on Angelo Dawkins. Before the game, Dawkins and Montez Ford made a promo about how the Performance Center met there and where The Street Profits were made. But they said it wasn’t all good because they couldn’t get over The Viking Raiders since they signed it. The Raiders dominated Ford early on, but Dawkins’ size helped balance the situation in the middle of the game. On the route, the Profits managed to cancel an attempt at the Viking experience. This allowed the winnings to reach the payout, but Erik managed to save to keep the match alive. Moments later, the Raiders met the Viking Experience on Dawkins to count the three in a very solid tag match and keep their dominance over the raw tag champions alive. Note B

Drew McIntyre was interviewed backstage and asked about Murphy and said he “knows” that he can hit McIntyre earlier in the night. McIntyre said Murphy is a “very confused young man” and the guy Rollins is chasing. McIntyre said he would not deny people “good old-fashioned slaughter”.

After their victory, the Viking Raiders were interviewed. They said they had proven “The Raid is on” before saying that they had “cleared the smoke”.

An Aleister Black promo was broadcast Where he told AJ Styles that if he had done well to threaten to throw him from the top of the WWE offices, he’d better hope Black didn’t get up again or wished Styles had been buried more than a meter deep.

Rey Mysterio made a backstage promo. Mysterio discussed the upcoming money in the bank manager game. Mysterio said it was the riskiest game in his career, but winning the contract was too attractive an option to miss as he approaches the end of his career.

Charlotte Flair made an in-ring promo Hyping their upcoming match with Io Shirai this Wednesday on NXT. Flair called himself “the hardest working woman in every industry”. Flair was finally cut off by Liv Morgan, who asked Flair if she remembered who she was before saying that she didn’t need Flair’s approval while she found out who she was and who she wanted to be while she said Flair was born with a silver spoon in her mouth – which Flair admitted to being proud of. Morgan then challenged Flair to a match and asked for an umpire to come to the ring.

Charlotte Flair def. Liv Morgan by template with the eight. Morgan got stuck early and continued to improve as an in-ring performer. Flair took over with a dominant middle distance of the game, but Morgan roared back with a strong comeback stretch. In the end, flair was too much for Morgan – who continues to run around with the gimmick that she still doesn’t know who she is as a person. Flair countered Morgan’s attempt to beat Oblivion in an eight for submission victory. This gave more time than expected and really served to win Morgan as a legitimate player. Note: B +

Drew McIntyre def. Murphy on Pinfall after a claymore kick. Murphy quickly found himself with McIntyre over his head and was beaten early by the WWE champion. Murphy tried to walk up the entrance ramp to Seth Rollins who was watching from the stage, but that only led to more violence on the ring. Murphy briefly had the upper hand, but his kicks only annoyed McIntyre and resulted in a headbutt from Glasgow Kiss. Murphy made a late commotion and culminated in a power bomb on McIntyre that only resulted in a one count. Murphy tried to steal McIntyre’s 3-2-1 count for a claymore kick, but ate it in return for the pinfall in a short but effective match. Rollins then started to enter the ring, but when McIntyre asked him to enter the ring and fight, Rollins jumped off the ring apron, went back, but sprinted back to the ring and blinded McIntyre with a super kick. Rollins shouted that the situation was bigger than the two, but missed a kick and took a headbutt and ran out of the ring before McIntyre could land a claymore. Note: B +

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