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WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Sheet Music: Main Event angle, superstar ShakeUp improve show

If there's a dispute over which brand received the superstar shake-up that WWE presented after WrestleMania 34, it would not be enough to suggest SmackDown Live. As a result of Tuesday, a number of key names were added to the list of superstars called either from Raw or NXT. And whatever the blue Marquee and Main Event level talent it acquired, it made up for it in terms of depth.

Samoa Joe, Asuka, Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Bar, Sin Cara and R-Truth were added to the previously announced The Miz and Iconics on Tuesday as new faces Join the new look SmackDown. Andrade "Cien" Almas and the faction SAnitY (sans Nikki Cross) were also named as late additions to NXT.

While this week's show was certainly a departure from the unpredictable electricity of a week ago in New Orleans, firing new feuds and sprouting up for future shows has provided ample entertainment and conversation.

Take WWE Champion AJ Styles, for example. Imagine his next year could include feuds against Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and The Miz, and you'll soon realize how good SmackDown can be again, provided that the booking can suit the talent. Great fan of WWE? Subscribe to our podcast ̵

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AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and his partners in the Main Event [196590000] 19659009] The show started with Styles, insisting that he will not leave the ring until he faces the "cheater" Shinsuke Nakamura because of the dream play ruined last week against Daniel Bryan. Rusev and Aiden came out of England to interrupt. With regard to Rusev Day and his conviction that Nakamura has "no spine", Styles was surprisingly prepared to accept an immediate match against him. After Styles secured an early calf-breaker attempt, English ran in to force a quick end to disqualification. But her double interplay of styles was interrupted by a run-in by Bryan. Then the new SmackDown manager quoted Paige Teddy Long and later booked a tag team match between Styles-Bryan and Rusev-English.

Bryan went on to tell Renee Young in a backstage interview that he helped Styles because he respected him and hoped to see him one day in the ring. Big Cass went in to interrupt things, signaling both his return from the injury and switching to SmackDown. "So you're what it's about?" Cass said, staring at Bryan. "Little man." The Main Event Tag Team match saw a sustained strike against Styles, which grew on a hot day for Bryan. But just as Rusev was about to get beaten, Nakamura sneaked onto the apron from behind to defeat Styles. As soon as Bryan realized what had happened, Big Cass ran in and slapped him in the face with a boot. When Cass leaned over Bryan to close the show in the middle of the ring, Nakamura repeated "he did not speak English" when Young asked on stage what had happened.

For as chunky and cheesy as the opening segment (including the painfully predictable booking of the Main Event Match) came, the developments to close the show were blisteringly hot. Presenting Nakamura as a heel is still one of WWE's best decisions, as its scary facial expressions combined with reckless loin shots work incredibly well. It could also be that he rescues his skill in the main rescue.

Meanwhile, Big Cass looked great when he made a massive statement (both on the microphone and in the ring) that after his solo return, he meant something. While a Bryan-Cass program is probably the furthest thing anyone would have predicted, the feud provides exactly what they need. Bryan will look great when he plays against a bigger opponent as he continues to adapt to the ring. Cass, whom Vince McMahon still surpasses, as almost all fans and critics, will also benefit from the experience and legitimate frictions he gets from such a big name. Note: A-

Raids Pulled Into Women's Section

At an in-ring "Mella bration" ceremony, the new SmackDown Women's World Champion Carmella spoke of her successful bid in the last week of her money in-the-bank contract after 287 days as "the biggest moment in women's history". She also shot off the crowd of "you deserve it" screams by tearing her to jump on the bandwagon. Carmella, who unveiled her briefcase, was named Frankie, and her new title is Cleopatra, and she also posted a video package that highlighted her journey. Out came Charlotte Flair to criticize that the video was missing both the "chinnless freak" (although James Ellsworth was not mentioned) as well as footage of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

The Iconics soon followed clown flair and mock their complaints. "They look to the future," Kay said before Royce closed, "and the future is iconic." The duo then attacked Flair until Becky Lynch ran to her best friend. There followed a strong single match between Flair and Kay. Flair went on to produce a tapout about the Eight. After Carmella, who was in the comment, came to the Iconics and knocked down the baby faces, Asuka ran to the sides, took out the heels and officially signaled her jump to SmackDown.

While the setup does not look too different on the paper from the sour welcome committee and Riott Squad Angle, which last year held down the women's section on the blue brand, the improvement in talent here provided a noticeable advantage. Carmella not only opened with a fun and entertaining Shtick, the irresistible duo of Kay and Royce presents everything the brand needs in a heel presence ready for them. As long as WWE can avoid lazy group bookings and endure some interesting singles feuds earlier than later, it could finally go up for the SmackDown women. Class: B +

What else happened on SmackDown Live?

  • Jeff Hardy discusses Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall: Benjamin has cut a pre-match promo stating that his Twitter account was hacked on Monday when he was "inspiring" tag team partner Chad Gable wished on his way to Raw. "I do not need Chad Gable anymore Correction – I never needed Chad Gable," Benjamin said. "Chad Gable needs me." After Benjamin mentions that he challenged Paige to send him "big competition", Randy Orton's music hit. For some inexplicable reason Orton stayed halfway down the corridor and Hardy ran to replace him. Armed with the United States title, he won last week from Jinder Mahal on Raw, Hardy returned to the blue mark by completing a solid two-segment match with Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the 1-2-3.
  • Miz pushes SmackDown debut next week : In a first backstage selfie promo, Miz turned on the Providence crowd by turning his camera to show he was dating Maryse and her new daughter his house in Los Angeles was. He concluded by telling Daniel Bryan that "I'll kick you in the ass" if he trolls Miz back on Twitter.
  • Harper def. Jey Uso via Pinfall: In a surprisingly short match with an abrupt finish, Harper took advantage of a distraction from his partner Rowan to get Uso ready for a clothesline on the apron. A beatdown from the Bludgeon Brothers continued on both Usos until they took their mallets and threatened to use them. It came Naomi, the real wife of Jimmy Uso, who was successful in her tear, please, so that they stopped.
  • Samoa Joe def. Sin Cara via submission: In his SmackDown debut, Joe made a quick night in the ring with a stiff knee to the face and a Coquina clutch to produce the faucet. He followed with another strong promo, claiming that any overrated member of SmackDown had an easy time accepting flyers prior to his arrival. Joe arrogantly claimed that he would be the man to put Bryan to sleep, defeat Orton, and discourage and decimate Styles. He concluded by saying that he still plans to waste Roman Reigns and go to pasture after Brock Lesnar finishes with him. "Believe that."

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