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WWE SmackDown Results, summary, grades: AJ Styles attacks Vince McMahon

WWE really got busy during the holiday week, even though she had previously recorded with Raw and SmackDown episodes. Never was this more obvious than the last 10 minutes of the show on Tuesday night, when we not only had a major title change, but also a pre-recorded attack that nobody could pass. The "new era" of WWE may have a better start than most of us expected, especially after a harsh announcement from last Monday night.

Thanks to Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Mustafa Ali, The Good Brothers, Rusev, Samoa Joe, and more, the Tuesday evening show was packed with action and interesting from start to finish. Let's take a look at what happened during SmackDown's Christmas.

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AJ Styles finally crashes … on Vince McMahon

In a backstage segment that ended the show, AJ Styles was shown walking around after not being on television all night. He walked through an open door and was approached by WWE chairman Vince McMahon, who challenged Styles to tell him about himself. Styles reiterated the standard lines of being the Phenomenal, a two-time WWE champion, and the man who made SmackDown the "home of AJ Styles." But McMahon had not, and wanted to know who the AJ Styles real is in an epic promo that we have not seen for some time by McMahon.

"I've got superstars come and go They come in here, win their championships and earn their money and then they get complacent and they just keep going I know it's not you, because you like it or not 'We are very similar, you have a black hole in your heart, and I know it, I also know that you have a tremendous soul and you can not let it go, you are afraid what will happen here if you that can not control everything, "McMahon began

" … you have, I want to see it, because if you use all that, you'll brutalize this locker room, you'll kick anyone who steps in front of you in this field, This will happen I know but there is an animal in there This animal begs to come out This animal eats you alive You do not want it to come out I want to see It I want see this animal Oh, yes. I want to see it, AJ. I want to see it. I will see it.

McMahon slapped Styles in the face, and then Styles, who fumed with anger during McMahon's promo, grabbed him first, then thrust McMahon over his face and dropped him on the floor. Styles then uttered an animated cry as WWE Producers from the surrounding area rushed out to strip styles.

Well, that was unexpected, it's a bit of a crutch that WWE feels the need to turn their baby faces to Tweeners or fools, to really put them behind them But the truth is that Styles has become extremely poor in his role over the past year, which was a welcome moment for Styles facing Kevin Owen's major When he batted McMahon's head in September 2017, McMahon was After a few not so solid nights delivering important lines both in the ring and pre-recorded segments, Styles was also great way. Grade: A +

The Miz, Shane McMahon Officially Joins the Forc

McMahon was the scheduled guest at the Christmas issue of "Miz TV," and of course, Miz asked his case for McMahon, as Engage Tag Team Partners as both are considered the best in the world. After listing his achievements, Miz mentioned that he had never heard from his father that he was "proud" of him, but his father loves McMahon because he is not afraid. Miz wants to agree with his father – that they would be the "best tag team in the world" when they team up – and noted that it's the new WWE era (a phrase McMahon used earlier in this segment) , It should be up to the fans to decide.

The fans' reaction was initially mixed, but McMahon finally got up from his chair and agreed to partner with Miz. "You'd better not fool me, or there will be big consequences, but let's try that," McMahon said. The pair took the World Cup trophy together when the crowd said "Yes!" for their new union.

Although I like both Miz and McMahon individually, there seems to be some over-compulsion – basically, WWE has something to do with these two in the next few months, expecting their WrestleMania 35 stories. It makes no sense for Miz and McMahon to band together, while WWE promises new and unused superstars will get opportunities. The tag team department of SmackDown is one of the areas where they have already tried fresh faces at the Good Brothers and Mental Health. Are these teams now all sacrificed for a McMahon Miz run? The positive thing about this segment is that Miz did a good job, why he really wants this partnership, but still she stayed a bit flat. Grade: C

… and new master of the United States

United States Championship – Rusev def. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) over pinfall to win the title : Rusev had cut another semi-comedy promo on Nakamura before the start of the game. The two made great action at the start of the game, and Rusev got a big swing in the middle of a fight with a fall slam and a spin kick that woke up a tired crowd that had been playing taping for five hours. Nakamura rolled out of the ring and took the upper hand, dropping Rusev's neck on the apron over his neck and pinning him from the second rope with one knee to his face. While Nakamura lined up for Kinshasa, Rusev countered with a machka kick a 2.8-point start.

Rusev then tried the Accolade, which Nakamura countered to a triangular submission that almost knocked Rusev off balance. Instead, Rusev raised Nakamura for a powerbomb. Another knee on the neck gave Nakamura another fall as the crowd began to sing, "This is Awesome." Nakamura prepared again for Kinshasa, but Rusev dodged, and Nakamura avoided the machka kick. Rusev hit Nakamura with a massive clothesline, beat the champion with the machka kick and won the title for the third time in his career.

The title change was necessary here just to remind the fans that he existed. WWE believed that being able to place the title on Nakamura would satisfy the fans after repeatedly failing the WWE title by Styles. However, this was not due to the company's decision not to post Nakamura on TV and to buy pay-per-views. Suppose Nakamura held the title for six months and defended it only seven times on television and not since a summer slam in August in a real PPV. Anyway, the match between the two was fantastic, and Rusev had a clear victory – on Rusev Day's day – with an arena of fans who were rightfully singing after his win. A good moment for Rusev and a good step for WWE to finish some high-quality Christmas shows. Grade: A

What else happened at SmackDown

  • Daniel Bryan works all night as Grinch: Santa R-Truth and Carm-Elf-a just opened the show to be interrupted WWE Champion, who called the career of Truth a joke. Truth, who is number 30 in the Royal Rumble, mentioned the possible chance of meeting Bryan at WrestleMania (if he is still the champion), but Bryan dropped Truth quickly and put him in the LeBell lock before leaving the ring , Later on stage, Mustafa Ali was congratulated by his ex-205 live colleagues and Shelton Benjamin after scoring a great victory, which was attacked twice by Bryan from behind. Bryan shouted that Ali "did not deserve" to be at SmackDown, two weeks after Ali Bryan put one-on-one to the limit, and a week after fixing the WWE champion in a tag team match. Bryan's heel antics plus his continued heel collapse was a welcome development for his character.
  • Good Brothers & The Usos def. SAnitY & The Bar via pinfall: The new momentum holds for Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson when they won the victory for their team with the Magic Killer on Cesaro. New Day commented on this costume in Santa costumes and threw pancakes into the crowd after the fight, while Xavier Woods played Francesca for everyone.
  • Mustafa Ali def. Andrade "Cien" Almas via pinfall: Ali certainly seems to have a bright future on the main plan. The former 205 live star has pinpointed Almas after his 054. It was an entertaining spotfest of a match between the two. It's clear that WWE is pushing Ali now, but it's hard to see that it comes at the expense of Almas.
  • Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy on Disqualification: Before the game, Joe expressed his concern for Hardy, noting that he was likely to become Hardy's new addiction and heal his opponent. During this back-and-forth match, Joe rolled out of the ring to avoid being hit by Whisper in the Wind. Hardy hit Joe on the floor, squeezing his knees and kicks without interruption, forcing the ref to call the DQ. After the match, Hardy opted for a Twist of Fate at the announcement counter, but Joe countered with a Coquina clutch. He had to free himself from Hardy.
  • Mandy Rose makes a game for Jimmy Uso: Backstage celebrates the victory of their eight-man tag team earlier in the night. The Usos meet Rose and Sonya Deville standing ready Mistletoe. Rose suggested Jimmy, only to make Naomi appear suddenly and follow the potential homecomer. Jimmy and Naomi then kissed under the mistletoe.

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