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WWE SmackDown Results, summary, grades: Becky Lynch stands tall, Miz & Maryse take revenge

The annual Hell-in-a-Cell pay-per-view is approaching, and for the second year in a row, WWE arrived live from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the venue of the SummerSlam weekend next year.

Since After SummerSlam, Blue's attention has been focused on Becky Lynch's criticism. As proof of how much attention Lynch has received, the next chapter of her saga with Charlotte Flair received the main event this week.

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Becky Lynch makes a clear statement

Earlier in the night, before her title defense against Carmella, flair was interviewed behind the scenes by Renee Young. The champion said she will not turn back to anyone, not even her former best friend. After she's done with Carmella, she'll give Lynch the limelight she wants.

SmackDown Women's Championship – Charlotte Flair (c) def. Carmella via submission to retain the title: Flair has taken the victory by getting Carmella to submit to the Eight. Immediately afterwards, Lynch attacked from behind, before asking for a microphone. She grabbed the SmackDown women's title, stood over flair and said, "Go to hell, I'll take back my title … you bitch!" when she was accompanied by the live crowd with songs of her name.

At this point, WWE only has to accept the fact that they created the ultimate anti-hero in the form of Lynch. Despite another attempt to present her as a heel, the events on Tuesday night should add even more to the crowd that longed for so long for success. The cursed heel is turning aside, it's becoming more and more enjoyable to witness this more intense side of Lynch, and it will only become more organic over time. Class: B-

Samoa Joe gets under the skin of AJ Styles again …

The WWE champ's mission on SmackDown this week was to put an end to the harassment of Samoa Joe. Styles cut to the bone and called Joe to the ring. He said it was not a request, but a demand, after noticing what a coward he was for all the surprise attacks. The challenger appeared on the Titantron and said he would not come into the ring and point out what a poor family man he is. Joe pulled out his cell phone and pretended to call Styles' wife Wendy, saying that he might come by the house of the champion next Tuesday. Styles immediately jumped out of the ring and headed for the parking lot in search of his rival. Before the main event, the cameras had shown styles in the parking lot to scream at the whereabouts of Joe, who was nowhere to be found.

Well, Styles has completely failed in his mission to stop the harassment. These two have raised the bar for big segments in their feud, but that was not one of them this week. However, it seems that next week Joe will bring an interesting drama to the rivalry when Joe is actually in the residence of the style. The mating of these two countries to a feud is positive to that point, but not every segment can be a victory. Grade: C-

Miz & Maryse Avenged in Dream Match

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan came to their respective entry themes for an in-ring promo. Bryan brought up the events of the past week and called Miz a bad actor before she remembered Bella coming out to slap Miz in the face. Bella talked about how tired she was that Maryse was meddling all the time, then both announced that neither Miz nor Maryse could hide behind the other, Hell Hell in a Cell. Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega appeared to interrupt the promo. Vega introduced her and Almas Bryan – they have aired Alma's achievements in the lead list so far – before announcing that it's time for Bryan to be beaten by her husband. Paige, at the request of Bryan, came out to make the game official.

Daniel Bryan bests Andrade "Cien" Almas on disqualification: Midway through the game, Miz went down to the ring to distract Bryan but to no avail. Bryan locked Almas in the yes-lock and it seemed the victory was within reach before Maryse surprised the crowd to attack Bella. Miz then lunged at Bryan in the ring and caused the disqualification. Almas, Vega, Miz, and Maryse took turns brutally breaking Bryan and Bella, culminating in Miz locking Bryan into Yes Lock and getting him to endure Maryse, who planted Bella with a DDT.

The thought of Bryan wrestling with Alma was suddenly just a wishful dream, especially when he tore up the globe as La Sombra. We got a glimpse of what they can get together in the ring on Tuesday, and man, that will be special if you have plenty of time and not as a means to advance another story. It also made sense for Miz & Maryse to get revenge this week, considering how embarrassed they were in the last episode, and this segment served as further proof that this feud will be even better if the women are fully involved. Note: A-

What else happened on SmackDown Live?

  • Booker T Attends the New Day Celebration: Following their Tag Team Championship victory over the Bludgeon Brothers last week, New Day took place at the kick-off SmackDown Live on Tuesday night. Just as Big E rattled the fact that they have now won Tag Team Gold five times as a team, she was recruited by the otherwise only five-time WCW champion Booker T in full King Booker costume, the WWE Hall of Famer, every member to make Knight of the New Day before she greeted her to the five-time master club. The segment ended with all four men in the ring meeting the Spinarooni. Although Big E needed help when it was his turn.
  • The bar def. The Good Brothers & The Colons via Pinfall to Advance: Cesaro earned the win for himself and Sheamus with the pinfall on Luke Gallows after running a blind tag on Primo Colon. This puts The Bar in the final of the three-way battle for the first Cup competition tournament. New Day stayed on the ring to comment during the match, and the two teams then turned down. After the fight, Paige Rusev & Aiden informed behind-the-scenes that next week Rusev Day will fight with SAnity and The Usos for the right to face the bar.
  • Jeff Hardy gets his hell in a cell dream: Hardy came out for an in-ring promo with "RKO" over the entire left side of his face. He brought Orton's obsession with him before he repeated the events of the previous week, in which Hardy planted the "Viper" through a table with a Swanton bomb. He called Orton, who was immediately obliged. Just as Orton reminded everyone that he should refer to him with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, Hardy interrupted him to let him know that they were going to let off steam in Hell in a Cell. Hardy – who has never performed something terrifying inside the structure – has found in numerous interviews outside of the characters that he was always looking for a Hell in a Cell fight. He will now be able to add this achievement to his illustrious career.
  • Billie Kay def. Naomi via Pinfall: With the help of Peyton Royce and a kick from the outside against Naomi's head Kay Naomi rolled to victory. These are now the victories over Naomi in consecutive weeks for The IIconics, so it will be interesting to see where this story takes us.

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