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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Notes, Responses and Highlights of October 18 | Bleacher Report

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    For the first time in this post-draft era of WWE, the superstars of Friday Night SmackDown hit the Fox Airwaves for an episode of a blockbuster Main event pitting is cited Roman Reigns fights against intercontinental champion Shinsuke Nakamura for the prestigious title.

    This battle, resulting from a social media spooking, participated in a six-pack challenge match to become the new number 1

    contender for Bayley's SmackDown Women's Championship and a massive eight- Man Tag Team match with The New Day and Heavy Machinery against tag team champions The Revival, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

    Who won the Superstars with Crown Jewel in less than two weeks and how did it all work? affect a brand that wants to establish its identity in its new network at home?

    Find it out with this summary of the October 18th show.

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    The night has begun with SmackDown's resident Roman Reigns challenging Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Every spin Reigns prematurely built for himself was canceled when he made a drive-by attempt just to get Sami Zayn to take Nakamura to safety. The distraction allowed the IC Champion to chase Reigns into the break with a kick against the side of the skull.

    Nakamura controlled the pace, hauling Reigns and holding him in a triangle. The Big Dog switched off with an abandoned power bomb and seemed to be on the way to winning the title as King Corbin interfered and scored a disqualification.

    A 3-on-1 win followed and Daniel Bryan made the save. The former WWE champion exploded into the ring, but the numbers game proved insurmountable. Nakamura, Zayn and Corbin made their way back, leaving the top two faces of the brand.


    Regencies defeated Nakamura over DQ



      ] Reigns vs , Nakamura could be a damn good pay-per-view match, taking more time, less disruption, and a real feud for hedging. They have solid chemistry and a program of reigns would make the artist's legitimacy as a potential main attraction of the event wonderful.

      As it is, the match was an energetic way to start the show, but ultimately did nothing more than serve as a backdrop for post-match events that established Bryan as an unlikely ally of Reigns and a feud with Corbin, Zayn and the IC Champion, who could manifest in a kind of match at Crown Jewel.

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    Shorty Gable is one thing they actually go with. Paste the Facepalm Emoji here.

    The former Olympian fought this week's singles competition against the third-generation star, Curtis Axel Kayla Braxton, the former Tag Team champion, knocking on his ankle in less than two minutes.

    After the match, Kayla Braxton took part in an interview with Gable, in which the Ring King's runner-up 2019 took on its size and a new size name, called the "Shorty G".


    Gable defeats Axel


    F [19659004

    Analysis [19659004] Shorty G?

    Shorty Friggin G?

    Any credibility that Gable has as a potential outsider of the upper middle class or main attraction has been effectively eliminated. No matter how great he is as an artist or how strong his performances may be on big stages, this name puts him in an enviable position.

    Shorty G is not a name that will ever appear on a marquee, nor one that is even marketable on this page of 2000.

    The management has directed Eric Bischoff to implement this .

    And before you suggest that Gable will be more than him, look at the KotR final against Corbin and listen to how the audience in this match was invested in him. He did not need a tricky name to maintain this connection. He just needed a creative team that would not disappoint him.

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    The tag teams were in focus this week as Heavy Machinery's Tucker and Otis collaborated with The New Day's Xavier Woods and Big E fight against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of The Revival, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode in a massive eight-man tag team match he with a concentrated spank that was continued by the publicity. Every time it looked as if Woods was freeing himself from his control, the heels eroded him again with a lightning-fast marking strategy.

    Woods finally created the breakup, took down Ziggler and tagged the tall man Otis, who got everything and everyone under control in front of him. He pancaked Ziggler and Roode, but Dawson, who had entered blindly, attacked from behind. Otis struggled against him, delivering the caterpillar to Roode and catching Dawson in the air.

    The heels eventually brought down Otis, but Dawson could not take him away for the win. A failed suplex attempt by Dawson allowed the big man to get New Day into the match. Big E and Woods beat Dawson in the Midnight Hour for the win.

    New Day and Heavy Machinery defeated The Revival, Ziggler and Roode


    B +

    [19659004] Analysis

    WWE is incredibly good at delivering high-energy multi-man tag matches that allow everyone involved to shine before delivering a finish that matches the desired match, segment or match Defines angle. This was no exception.

    With a massive tag team riot match identifying the world's best tag team for Crown Jewel, this was a great opportunity to use four tandems that played a prominent role on Friday nights to get the fight right for sale.

    New Day victories do not reinvent the wheel, especially considering how well-established they are, but they put the two heel teams at a disadvantage from the momentum and perhaps expect their victory in these turmoil a little less.

    The commenting team noted that Ziggler was more focused than recently, perhaps signaling that he and Roode might be up for a new run into their new home.

4 out of 7 [19659062] Credit: WWE.com

The Miz introduced the new SmackDown women's champion with a new entry into this week's issue of Miz TV. Master entered the square circle accompanied by Sasha Bank's best friend.

The blueprint interrupted the beginning of the talk show segment and reminded the fans that she was the first women's Grand Slam champion. From there, the events of the last week in a video package were reconstructed. Children were crying at the sight of Bayley destroying their exploding figures.

Miz said Bayley does not owe him an explanation, but what about the children. She showed little emotion in relation to the question.

She addressed the events of hell in a cell where she lost the championship and remained heartbroken. She asked if anyone was there for her, hugged her and comforted her. They were nowhere, she said, leaving her alone in her emotional agony.

She called the women's department lazy, claiming that she lacked desire and passion. "I tried to be what they wanted me to be," she said. "So you want inspiration, life is shit, and then you die," she said.

Nikki Cross's music played and the former tag team champion appeared with the microphone in his hand. She said the time to talk was over and the time to act was now. She promised to win the No. 1 contender's match and promised to give Bayley a big, big hug.

Dana Brooke interrupted the proceedings. She said she was underused and overlooked, killed her passion, but now she has new opportunities. Lacey Evans entered the arena as the show neared demolition.


B +


This was a solid promotional work by Bayley, which strongly disgusted the character's frustration in front of an audience that did not show the same passion and love that she had shown throughout her career.

So often, the motivations of characters are signed to the extent that the explanations for their actions are overwhelming and unbelievable. This was absolutely perfect and made Bayley almost a vengeful, irritated heel lover.

The interruptions after their promo were, if anything, an okay start to the six-pack challenge.

] 5 out of 7

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    Nikki Cross, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Dana Brooke, Carmella and Lacey Evans fought for the right to challenge Bayley while the winner and friend Sasha Banks of the Watch the Ring

    Rose and Deville got together at the Cross, while Evans watched from the ground without joining the fight. Fire and desire exposed Carmella at the ring and sent her to the announcement position. Brooke stopped her momentum and dropped her with a double handspring elbow.

    Carmella recovered, laying out Deville and Rose with a crossbody block, while Evans mocked Bayley and Banks as the show took another break.

    Back out of the commercial, Fire and Desire restored control of the fight and found strength in numbers. They brought the fight to Carmella, who withstood her onslaught and delivered a double Bronco Buster. Cross reappeared and rolled up the Princess of Staten Island for a near fall.

    Cross threw caution to the wind and dived off the top rope and wiped all but Evans's ring. The naughty Southern Belle grabbed an opening and sent Cross into the steel staircase. Back in the square circle, Brooke Evans delivered a sit-out power bomb and launched a Senton Bomb for a close miss, which was smashed by Rose and Carmella. The action collapsed and the women met their handwriting until Cross Rose handed over the Neckbreaker to claim victory.


    Cross defeated Carmella, Rose, Deville, Evans and Brooke


    B +

    [19659004] Analysis

    Six women, who were either overshadowed, unused, or unable to shine in such prominent places, excelled in the bright lights this week. In particular, Brooke has maximized her minutes and looked like a rival who could benefit exponentially from the lack of credible singles faces on the women's list.

    From a credibility point of view, it makes sense that Cross would win this to build a quality game with Bayley. As a showcase, the competitors seized the opportunity and delivered a fun, energetic fight that proves that the Blue Brand division may not be as tense as on paper.

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    Former cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak introduced Braun Strowman as an outstanding martial arts historian and warned Strowman that Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia would eliminate him.

    Gulak introduced himself Strowman was not at all interested in paying attention to it.

    Strowman responded to the criticism by abusing Gulak and dropping him with a head-butt.

    Back in the ring he finished Gulak for the undisputed victory.


    Strowman defeated Gulak


    C +

    Analysis [19459008wardaswasesseinsollte:ashowcaseforStrowmanbeforehismatchatBrownJewelwithFury

    Whether die-hard fans who like his work or not, it was also an indicator of what SmackDown might show the talented gulak.

    He was a great upgrading talent that brought Strowman to the world, despite his impressive reign as cruiserweight champion last summer.

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    Before The main event of the night was announced that Roman Reigns would command a team Hogan at Crown Jewel, to which Ali also joined in the early evening.

    Bryan and Reigns were on the defensive for most of the fight and suffered a defeat at the hands of Corbin and Nakamura, who set the heels ng the break. Corbin dropped Bryan with Deep Six after the commercial and continued to control the pace of the fight.

    A hot day for Reigns was wiped out as Corbin pulled Reigns off the apron and threw him on the stairs.

    The Big Dog recovered and killed the king of the ring with a spear through the timekeeper's position. Back in the ring, Bryan Nakamura suffered a series of kicks.

    He survived a last gasp from the IC Champion and dropped his knee to reach the pin.

    The babyfaces were celebrating to end the show.


    Bryan and Reigns defeated Corbin and Nakamura


    C +

This was an abbreviated major event that ended the show five minutes early. In addition, it has done nothing special to further expand the crazy partnership between Reigns and Bryan.

At a time when SmackDown is trying to connect with a new audience, the last thing it can afford is to headline a meaningless tag team match.

Worse? It erased any momentum that heels had built for himself earlier in the show.

At least the plot itself was solid, if not out of the norm.

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