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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Scores, Highlights, and Analysis from April 2 Bleacher Report

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    Photo credits: WWE.com

    The episode of WWE SmackDown Live, which took place on April 2, was the penultimate stop on The Road to WrestleMania's main installment, which was signed by the signing of WWE. Championship game between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston.

    These two superstars set an emphatic exclamation point for an incredibly concentrated show in which each segment was dedicated to a game on Sunday's card.

    It was even possible to give time to the beleaguered Battle Royals.

    Find out what exactly happened, how it was graded and why with this summary of the live broadcast on Tuesday.

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    Ahead of a showdown at WrestleMania 35, AJ Styles and Randy Orton joined The Kevin Owens Show to kick off the week.

    A short-lived back and forth gave way to corporeality … but not before Owens quit on his own show.

    Styles tried a phenomenal forearm, but Orton caught it in the middle of the air with an RKO that h I'm in the middle of the ring.

    The Viper stood up to close the segment.




    This was short, sweet and confined to the point.

    There was no amount of entertainment; There was no overbooking or ridicule. Orton re-released Styles' Indian backdrop, and The Phenomenal One uncovered The Viper's failed drug testing, giving the program more warmth.

    Physicality was a nice trick for Sunday's game that might steal the show Superstars have the time to tell their story.

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    The SmackDown Tag Team Division took center stage as the in-ring portion of this week's show began. Champions The Usos and the tandem of Aleister Black and Ricochet fought against Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sheamus and Cesaro.

    The paragraphs isolated Jey Uso for the majority of the fight, broke off the ring and kept him from his partners.

    Jimmy Uso got the Hot Day and the action collapsed. Ricochet played the lead role, Black hit Cesaro with Black Mass and The Usos gave Rusev a double superkick to reach the finish.

    After the victory, the champion stood in the middle of the ring when WrestleMania host Alexa Bliss appeared and The Usos is announced in the show of shows against Black and Ricochet, Nakamura and Rusev and The Bar in a fatal 4-way Defend -Match.

    A brawl broke out, causing Black and Ricochet to close the segment. 19659004]


    The Usos, Black and Ricochet defeated The Bar, Rusev and Nakamura





    The action was solid, if not formulaic, but it was the announcement of Bliss that had the most weight.

    Finally, the signs pointed to a multi-team match for the SmackDown Tag titles, and that was announced on Tuesday night. The addition of Black and Ricochet is interesting in the sense that they would defeat the Revival for the Raw brand titles.

    Since this is no longer the case and the team is big enough to close this title, a Black Ricochet win no longer seems to be a sure thing.

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    Peyton Royce and Billie Kay made their way to the ring on Tuesday to stop women's title defense against Sasha Banks on Sunday and Bayley, Natalya and Beth Phoenix as well as Tamina and Nia Jax.

    The short promo ended with the promise of an iconic championship win. Grade

    C +


    As so often in this show, this was short and sweet.

    Kay and Royce made their point never lagged beyond their welcome and did enough to surpass a title fight that was already heavily hyped on Raw.

    Considering this, this was a successful segment that lit up the charismatic stars.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Miz suspended a promo action against Shane McMahon and called WrestleMania his retaliatory.

    From there, the A-Lister teamed with Sanity's Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young for a handicap match arranged by McMahon.

    The self-proclaimed best in the world made its mark and watched from afar as his WrestleMania opponent fought three of the most dangerous competitors … in NXT. On the main list it was afterthought and dummy attacks.

    That has not changed here.

    Driven by McMahon's verbal insults and photos of Miz's father, the former WWE champion, the former WWE champion fought over his opposition. Even when McMahon announced that it would be a match from Falls Count Anywhere, Miz continued to demonstrate resiliency and finally arrested Young for a huge victory.

    Miz stared down McMahon in the parking garage to close the segment


    The Miz defeated Sanity

    Grad [19659004] C +

    Analysis Analysis Analysis . Miz looked like a total guy here, a description that was not usually used in relation to him.

    After this was said, he was very controversial and intensified his rivalry with McMahon.

    Unfortunately, this was at the expense of Sanity, a faction that is dead in the water like any other act in the entire WWE. After the group had big things to do, the group is somehow less credible than The Ascension and has just been knocked down by a man who has never been confused with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    It was definitely curious to use the team this role.

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    Just 24 hours after being arrested in Washington, DC, RAW strangled her in WWE with a promo hoping for her Triple Threat winner takes – all against Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania.

    The Man mentioned the original plans of the WWE, Flair Vs. Rousey, but that changed when she turned against The Queen.

    Introducing Sunday's Main Event and vowing to return to SmackDown as the new unified female champion.




    Lynch has such charisma and such a strong connection with fans that she has now come to it could be ringing and selling the WWE Universe with a vacuum cleaner, and that would have been successful.

    It did not include anything we had not heard before, but it was still strong enough to catch the fans' attention.

    All that's needed About the WrestleMania Main Event has already been said. This was just the icing on the cake of Wrestling's most popular superstar.

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    R-Truth, Heavy Machinery, The Hardy Boyz, Carmella, Naomi, Asuka and Nikki Cross fought EC3, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Andrade, Shelton Benjamin, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Lana and Zelina Vega in WWE history's largest mixed-tag team on Tuesday.

    There were fun spots, such as Otis Dozovic's Caterpillar maneuver on EC3 and the renewal of the rivalry between Naomi and Mandy Rose, but the end of the game left chaos raging and the referee called for the bell.

    Each superstar alternated with the other and culminated with Asuka, who dumped Jeff Hardy and standing in a cool place.





    a preview of the Battle Royals on the show on Sunday, this was a harmless fun.

    Nobody was better or worse off because he had been involved, and both the men's and women's games of Sunday night were as good as past that point.

    The best of everything? Asuka was one week after a devastating defeat in the center and should be the favorite to win the Battle Royal of the women on Sunday.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Just five days before his defense During his United States Championship against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, Samoa Joe fought Ali against in a non-title match.

    The agile, fast cruiserweight brought Joe the fight and put the champion early.

    Unfortunately, a big tornado DDT was the most impressive offense he could submit. He tried a splash of 450, but Joe blocked, put on the Coquina clutch and patted him.


    Samoa Joe defeated Ali



[19659007] This was a sprint of a match that would put Joe in the limelight, make him relatively competitive and fight a guy who has lost nothing.

He did it all and Joe has a role … Even if his playing with Mysterio feels like some kind of thinking on a loaded map.

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    Photo credits: WWE.com

    WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston sat facing each other and were ready to sign The contract that would make the WrestleMania game official.

    Bryan signed the deal and took the time to "educate" the WWE Universe. He accused Kingston's eleven-year frustration of complacency. He pleaded with the masses not to wait for someone to drive you as the New Day man did.

    The No. 1 candidate has heard enough that Bryan dictates his own ways of education to his masses. He rose from his seat, telling him that he had watched and studied the champion's journey to the title. "You do not know me, you do not know what I went through!" he exclaimed.

    Kingston signed the contract, tossing it to Michael Cole and finishing the show as intense and concentrated as we've ever seen.




    A rivalry that required no further hype brought it in the form of a phenomenal promo of Two guys who maybe raised their competition to the "must-see-see" status.

    Kingston has been phenomenal for the last two months, and Bryan has been as calm as anyone in recent memory. His character has been really fun to evolve and evolve every week, and he deserves this right to defend himself in a high-profile fight.

    In the most important promo of his career, Kingston made the fans a believer and now WrestleMania enters as the superstar with gold around his waist wanted to go.

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