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"WWHL": Matthew McConaughey Dated with Janet Jackson, "Titanic" Audition, Anne Hathaway Confirms "Princess Diaries 3"

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway concluded her press conference "Serenity" on Thursday "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen", where she was susceptible to everything from dated rumors expected sequels and everything in between.

During a Plead the Fifth game, Andy told Matthew, "There was a rumor that you ran out with Janet Jackson can you confirm or deny that, and how would you describe your relationship with her?

Before Andy could even bring out the last word, Matthew laughed. It took a good 10 seconds! "You got the answer, right?" he finally said.

"Have I?" Andy asked before Matthew confirmed, "We had dinner one evening, that was kind of like that." (Mind Blown.)

During a later section, a caller asked the actor after his audition to play Jack in "Titanic" next to Kate Winslet . (Our thoughts have been blown up for the second time.)

"The audition went really well," Matthew said confidently. "Well, where I was, when I left, was happy and was slapped on the back," That's what we're looking for! You have it! "Well enough, where you go outside and you call your agent and go," Oh, I nailed them . That happens. "" [

"And And then there was a rumor, and James Cameron somehow started this rumor," he went on, "that I got the part and did not do it, that's wrong, if I got the role and did not "The agent who said I did not do it has a lot of trouble. Well, I never got that role, but the audition went great. I really thought I had it.

But the actor has no hard feelings towards Leonardo DiCaprio and said, "It worked without me."

Another questioning mind asked Anne Details regarding a possible third installment of The Princess Diaries, and her answer could not have been more perfect.

"There is a script for the third movie," she confirmed. I want to do it, Julie [Andrews] wants to do it, Debra Martin Chase ̵

1; our producer – wants to do it, we all really want it to happen, it's just that we do not do it. " I do not want to do it unless it's perfect because we love it as much as you do, it's just as important to us as it is to you, and we do not want to deliver until it's done, but we're working on it

Another caller asks Matthew how much "Mansing" was required for "Magic Mike" and the following 58 seconds are absolutely worth the observation. Watch the video below.

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