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Wyze Cam Pan Review | Digital trends

After rolling over with a $ 20 Smart Cam recently, Wyze Labs is back with Wyze Cam Pan. It is a US $ 30 pan / tilt / zoom model (PTZ) and offers 360-degree coverage, a 93-degree vertical tilt, and the same full-HD video quality second-generation the Wyze Cam convinced.

The company hopes the new model will continue to gain momentum in a highly competitive category. Few consumer brands have faced the complexity of PTZ design or smarter 360-degree coverage. Those who have, such as the $ 1

20 VTech HD Pan & Tilt Camera or $ 230 Guardzilla 360, have promised a lot, but ultimately disappointed.

So, you would be forgiven for thinking that a home camera might not surpass [4995] devices that cost four times their price. We had a similar idea about Wyze Cam v2, and we were completely wrong.

Clear lines and compelling features

While PTZ support is big news, take a look at Wyze's extensive list of features. Cam Pan I'll see everything you'd expect in a modern Smart Cam. Like Wyze Cam v2, the new model features 1080p resolution, night vision, motion detection zones, intelligent notification, two-way audio and local and cloud recording. What we did not expect was a wider 120 degree field of view and a motion tracking feature that allows the camera to intelligently follow moving objects in the room.

Open the box and you will see a device very similar to a larger version of the original Wyze Cam, which is not a bad move. It's a little light, but the white, matte plastics feel good in the hand, with beveled corners that add a touch of quality. Give it a try and you will not feel the traditional creaking that is the hallmark of a cheap-built device. It's a smart design in every way.

Give it a push and you will not feel the traditional creaking that is the hallmark of a cheap-built device. It's a clever design in every way.

The extendable (and somewhat threadbare) base of the previous model has been replaced by a handy disc on which the camera rotates. It's a little smaller than the camera body, but the device stays pretty stable on the desktop. While you can not find a holder in the box, the base includes a standard quarter-inch screw hole for wall-mounting and a micro-USB slot for power.

Other connectivity includes a handy USB-A port on the back of the camera that allows you to chain and operate a second Wyze Cam, while a microSD port on the bottom of the device supports up to 32 GB of local storage ,

Setup, with a beta version of the Wyze Cam smartphone app, went off without a problem. Speech announcements via the speaker of the camera will help you. The quick scan of a QR code displayed on the screen of your smartphone ensures a fast connection.

Sharp imaging with some exposure problems

After the launch, we were pleased that the Wyze Cam Pan provided the same clear, high-quality imaging that we were used to from Wyze Cam v2. The pictures were well saturated and balanced, although lighter areas such as sunlit windows and interior lighting were again heavily underexposed. To be fair to Wyze Labs, this is a problem we have encountered in most of the smartcams we tested this year. The wide 120-degree field of view provided a generous view of the room, and while a perceptible fish-eye effect appeared at the edges of the image, this did not cause any problems in monitoring.

When we switched to night vision we were again impressed by relatively clear and sharp images that were superior to more expensive competitors like the VTech HD Pan & Tilt Camera.

was much less refined. The built-in microphone successfully recognized and recorded audio, but when we played a recording from the local SD card on a PC, we found that the recorded audio was quite hard. The Wyze Cam Pan's speaker worked as an intercom or as an audible warning to intruders, but like most smartcams we test, the investment is heavily weighted into the image sensor.

Responsive pan / tilt modes, but motion tracking must work

Panning and tilting the camera, either by wiping the video on the smartphone or by using a circular directional pad, was fluid and incredibly responsive, with the camera rotated about its axis with very little delay. The camera's engine speed can be set from the default center, but we found that the noise power – which is a bit quiet – increases at higher speeds.

We were pleased that the Wyze Cam Pan delivered the same performance clear, high quality imaging that we have enjoyed from Wyze Cam v2.

In addition to manual controls, Wyze Cam Pan also supports automated features, including an adjustable pan-scan mode that cyclically controls the camera every 10 seconds, which detects movement in space. The latter option worked quite well at times, although the camera was much more successful in tracking slow movements.

On some occasions, especially during faster movements, the camera lost or spontaneously detached itself to point in an arbitrary direction. We also found that enabling pan-scan mode and motion-tracking mode at the same time caused the tracking to stop working. In each mode, panning resulted in temporary image pixelation, which was quickly corrected after reorienting the camera.

to be able to optimize the camera's algorithm to optimize motion tracking. As it stands, it's certainly a useful addition – especially on a smart cam for $ 30 – but in those early days, be prepared to experiment to find the right balance of features and performance for your home.

Elsewhere, like the Wyze Cam v2, we found the supporting features of this device to be hit or miss. Fortunately, the issue of push notifications seems to have been resolved, as Wyze Cam Pan was very alert to potential threats within seconds of detection. In general, both sound and motion detection worked well, but announced smoke and carbon monoxide alarms were a failure. In tests, both types of alarms were easily identified with a "detected tone" notification.

However, a nice easy-to-use interface, sleek video review, free cloud and local SD recording and bonus features like time-lapse video The creation resulted in the Wyze Cam Pan punching far beyond its weight. It offers a significantly higher value than many competitors.

Warranty Information

Wyze Cam Pan is covered by a one-year limited warranty for parts and workmanship.

Our Take

Sure, Wyze Labs has more work to do to refine the device's advanced, intelligent features, but do not make a mistake, at that price, you really can not go wrong. The new model retains and improves in some areas the formula that made Wyze Cam v2 so special. A combination of attractive hardware, powerful imaging, pan / tilt features, and a selection of free cloud or local recordings would be impressive in a $ 150 camera. At $ 30, it's a complete theft.

Is there a better alternative?

At this price? Only one. If panning / tilting feels like a treat, save $ 10 and get Wyze Cam v2 instead.

How long does it last?

As a start-up, there are few guarantees on longevity, but this is the third hardware release from Wyze Labs, and the company is constantly refining its products with new features and firmware updates. Adding moving parts to support Wyze Cam Pan's Pan and Tilt features increases the risk of a hardware failure, so we hope the company knowingly invested the $ 10 premium through Wyze Cam v2.

A community with more than 150,000 registered users indicates The company is building momentum. They have the means to maintain their high quality, innovative advantage while letting the light go on. Should you buy it?

Do it. A $ 30 PTZ smart camera should not be that good, and at that price, what do you have to lose?

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