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Xbox All Access: Get an Xbox One, Xbox Live, and Game Pass for a monthly fee

Microsoft has introduced a new subscription model that sums up everything you need to play on the Xbox One. With the "Xbox All Access" business, you can purchase a new Xbox One console as well as two years of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, all under one monthly payment.

The official Xbox All Access Web site lists two packages: An Xbox One S starts at $ 22 a month or an Xbox One X starts at $ 35 a month. Both packages include 24 months of Gold and Game Pass, and each payment plan lasts 24 months with no pre-cost and 0% APR.

At these prices you end up paying about $ 530 for the Xbox One S, compared to about $ 640 if you buy the console, gold and game pass separately. In comparison, the Xbox One X is $ 840 versus $ 860 for each item. Anyway, you get a pretty good deal and the monthly payments can make it a little easier to bear the costs. These payments are made through Dell Preferred Accounts and the deal is only available in Microsoft stores.

The Xbox Game Pass covers your gaming needs for a select library of third-party games as well as for all exclusive Microsoft first-party providers. The company recently announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will participate in the Game Pass series in September. The selection will be quite big, but of course you have to buy some third party games à la carte.

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