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Xbox and Taco Bell give away free consoles to fans

The gaming giant has partnered with Taco Bell to give away a bundle of Xbox extras, including a limited-edition console that will ring like a bell when you turn it on (understood?), A redesigned controller that has no stores Till next month and six free months with an Xbox Game Pass.

There are several ways to play: You can buy a Double Chalupa box (filled with the fried tortilla shell, taco and cinnamon and a drink for $ 5) between October 17th and November 23rd.

No Taco Bell fan? Do not worry – you can skip the Tex-Mex and send a letter requesting a code instead. Snailmail must be postmarked until the 8th of November, but you can only email up to 32 times. Xbox sends a code back by e-mail.
And if you've given up eating box after box of Chalupa, Xbox also gives out codes online for free. As of November 8, a code site will be active, but you can only make one entry per day.
When you receive the code, write 72823 with your code or submit it online.

And if you are a winner, you will receive your new package within 48 hours of entering the code.

But please wash your taco-experienced hands before you play.

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