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Xbox boss says first-party printing is affecting game quality – Game Rant

Xbox boss Phil Spencer remains surprisingly open about the state of the platform and its problems since launching the Xbox One. It's no secret that with the launch of Project Scarlett, the Xbox Next Gen console, by 2020, the company is positioning itself at a different level. However, how and why Xbox has rebuilt and restructured the Xbox One generation is a complicated subject. Spencer is ready to give an insight into the current position of Xbox.

In an interview with Kotaku, a question gives a deeper insight into Spencer's view of Xbox's current position. It begins with a question, why there was no new game of Forza on the E3 in 2019, since Forza is an annual franchise with Motorsport and Horizon typically changing years of publication. Spencer answers directly, saying the show focuses on games coming out in the next 12 months, but more generally, "It was nice – and that was not always the case with our first-party line-up – where we are I have not always been able to show everything.

Spencer examines this point in the next question, which politely examines whether the quality of Xbox's first-party tracks has waned in recent years. "First-party quality is very important," Spencer answers directly, but admits a deeper issue from Xbox's recent past. "In our first party, we reached a time when the number of games and studios we actually invested in put a lot of pressure on everything we did."

It is difficult to cope with the situation in which the studios had to "reach a date" that was selected "at a very high quality level" three years in advance. The studios were unable to realize the full potential of the games exploit. To Spencer's honor, he never says that these games are in any way disappointing. He is clearly an advocate of all the work of his studios. But, as befits a manager, he wants to do better and knows his studios are capable of doing so.

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It's easy for Spencer to say it, and for fans, it's easier to hear it when they know that Microsoft and Xbox have already fixed this issue. Xbox Game Studios now consists of 15 different teams. Last year, numerous acquisitions were made and new studios built from the ground up. Forza taking off from 2019 is just one example of how the studios have more time to work on the next steps. Of course, Spencer's tacit promise is that Xbox's first-party gameplay quality, whether it's on PC or Project Scarlett, will improve.

The Xbox players should expect both more games and better games. These fans will release the best games like Gears 5 and services like Game Pass for the time being, but they also expect Spencer to deliver, probably starting with Project Scarlett and then without a break. Realizing that is not the same as delivering it, so we'll see what happens in the future.

Source: Kotaku

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