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Xbox One Sport White Controller announced by Microsoft for the World Cup

With the unveiling of a new controller, Microsoft enters the World Cup spirit. The Xbox One Sport White controller, a sporty Xbox One controller in white, is the first of the new sports series of Xbox One controllers, and in addition to the color of a normal Xbox One controller.

The gaming world is familiar to many different Novell controllers designed specifically for a single event or game, and it is likely that the sports controller Microsoft sells is no different. At the same time, however, it is a good opportunity for you to purchase a new Xbox One controller if you have been looking for it, either because of wear and tear or some other accident that has broken it.

The Xbox One Sport White controller, which is just a standard Xbox One controller with a new paint job, is essentially the same as any other controller, including a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and Bluetooth for connecting to tablets and PCs a good PC gaming controller in addition to a controller that you can use for your Xbox One.

However, there are some advantages to buying it. You'll receive a two-week free trial for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Game Pass. Not only can you test it by playing online games, you can also see how it works with regular gameplay.

The release of the Xbox One Sport White controller will appear simultaneously with a charging stand designed specifically for the controller. You can also look around to see if you can pick up both as a package deal.

The Xbox One Sport White Controller will be released globally on July 31

in Canada and the US and on Aug. 7.

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