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Xiaomi folding phone prototype revealed, and it is better than FlexPai

  The foldable Xiaomi phone. Donovan Sung

After years of development, it seems as though 2019 will finally be taking up commercially available foldable phones, as Samsung and others quickly move up the industry. Now Xiaomi has shown his attitude to the foldable phone, but in prototype form.

Xiaomi spokesman Donovan Sung has posted a video on Twitter featuring co-founder Bin Lin playing with a foldable prototype phone. The executive also asked users to find a name for the new device.

The Xiaomi telephony adapts to the phone] published by Serial Leaker Evan Blass earlier this month. This means that you have a tablet with a double folding mechanism that folds the pages backwards. When the pages are folded away, a smaller screen is left, though the aspect ratio is definitely a little unconventional.

However, this still seems to be an interesting aspect of the foldable device, since no smaller exterior screen like Samsung's Foldable Samsung F device is required. Hopefully, the foldable Xiaomi phone is still ergonomic despite the odd aspect ratio. But it definitely seems to be more polished than the Royole FlexPai, which has a massive upper bezel, along with a rather ugly hinge.

The fact that this is a prototype means that we are probably months ahead of launch, but we wonder how much this device will actually cost when it's released. Between the folding mechanisms, the flexible display and other important components, it is clear that this is not a normal Xiaomi device. So we expect the folding device to be more expensive than your Mi Series flagship – but how much remains to be seen.

What do you think of the foldable Xiaomi phone? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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