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Xiaomi's Mi 8 could be his previously outrageous iPhone imitator – TechCrunch

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, which is on its way to going public in Hong Kong, today unveiled its latest flagship smartphone and a range of other products at a launch event in Shenzhen.

Xiaomi has long been accused of copying Apple, but in recent years, the design has seemed a bit more independent. Well, that changes everything with the Mi 8, which – design-wise – is clearly focused on the iPhone X.

The Mi 8 is Xiaomi's first cell phone, which is one step higher. While it's true that many in the industry have copied Apple so mercilessly that the score is virtually standardized, Xiaomi's latest device has more than an apparent resemblance to the iPhone X.

Xiaomi's Mi 8 on the left, against Apple's iPhone X on the right

Xiaomi has also pulled an Apple by naming it. Just as Apple jumped onto the iPhone X (10) for the tenth year as a phone maker, Xiaomi has moved from his former Mi 6 mode to the Mi 8 to celebrate his eighth birthday as a company. [196592002] Beyond the score, the dual back cameras are placed almost identically, there is a glass panel back and aluminum side frames. On the software side, even the placement of the Telcom signal, the power strip, and the Wi-Fi signal indicator are identical to the iPhone X. The high-end Mi 8 also includes iOS-like Animojis and a face unlock, both developed by Pioneer Apple has been using the iPhone X.

These similarities will inevitably annoy Apple and purists, but this is not Xiaomi's first rodeo. With the Mi 8, it does what it does best, inviting comparisons with Apple and then packing impressive technology (and a price) that will attract favorable attention from its fans and those who are unwilling to pay $ 1,000 for it Spokesman spokesman did not comment when we asked if the company wanted to talk about the similarity of the Mi 8 with the iPhone X.

The Mi 8 packs a [6,21-Zoll] AMOLED screen from Samsung that includes a 20-megapixel selfie camera and infrared technology inside the slot, unlocking the phone by scanning the user's face. There is an Apple-like dual-camera array with two 12-megapixel cameras.

The device is one of the first in the world to ship with Pzazz and (probably impressive) speed with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 845 chipset. It also uses dual GPS, which makes positional data more precise.

Xiaomi said the phone will go on sale in China on June 5 and 8 with three different versions offered. International expansion dates have not been announced, as is customary for Xiaomi. The standard Mi 8 costs more than 2699 RMB ($ 420) with a smaller 5.88-inch SE model of RMB 1799 or $ 280.

For those who wanted more, the company also announced a souped-up & # 39; Explorer on & # 39; version, which has a pressure-sensitive finger scanner and the iPhone X-like face unlock feature. In addition, the back is transparent, which promises a pretty nice look.

The Mi 8 Explorer Addition

Xiaomi is actively expanding to Europe, expanding to Italy, France and Germany, but one has to wonder if a device like the Mi 8 could spur the US North America where it recently met on his smart home products. CEO Lei Jun said recently that it could start selling smartphones in the US before the end of this year, but you'd imagine that certain Apple-like devices are not on the starting list if the schedule goes according to plan. 19659002] This may not come as a big surprise, as Xiaomi's Redmi series, which costs around $ 150, has generated most of its revenue, especially in expansion markets like India.

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