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Xiaomi's transparent Mi8 Explorer Edition does not show the real internals

Xiaomi's recently announced Mi8 flagship has a special "Explorer Edition" which, along with an in-display fingerprint sensor and iPhone X-esque 3D face recognition technology, provides a cool transparent back to show the inside of the phone. There is only one small problem with this transparent back: it is not real.

The False Back was discovered by Chengming Alpert who calls some reasons for this why the Mi 8 Explorer edition can not be genuine. In a series of tweets, Alpert claims that "S845 can not be in this position, all components are too far apart, no graphite or other tube / wire / cable for thermal."

Alpert also points out that [Xiaomiflat-out acknowledges that there are some visual tricks here. The product description for the phone, roughly translated, states that the transparent component of the Mi8 is not one-to-one with the actual components in the phone.

If you look at the Mi8 Explorer Edition, there is certainly cause for skepticism – after all, we've seen transparent cell phones before, and none of them has ever shown the same visual flair inside, as the Mi8 Explorer claims. Compare the stylish flared insides of the Mi8 Explorer Edition with the fabled U12 Plus. Sure, the U12 Plus may not look as interesting as the Mi8 Explorer, but there's some fidelity; Things are not perfectly aligned or as clean as the Mi8 Explorer.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Now Xiaomi could not lie over the transparent back. (It still has a glass back.) But the "inside" may be a flashy sticker or 3D plastic cover for the actual, duller components underneath, rather than a revealing look inside the phone. This theory would be very meaningful. Look at the internals of other earlier Xiaomi phones, such as the Mi5, and you'll see a more plastic shield covering the actual motherboard and other components on the back of the device.

Image: iFixit

Maybe someday we'll have a smartphone that derives its design features from luxury watches or high-end game computers, with super polished innards that are supposed to bring out the interior engineering as much as externally , But, unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition is not.

We reached Xiaomi for a comment and will update it when we hear it.

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