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xQc funny jokes the Overwatch warning message as a fault | Dexerto.com

As a twitch streamer Felix & # 39; xQc & # 39; Lengyel enrolled in Overwatch to watch the new Lunar New Year event, but he was met with a notification that he asserted that the spectators were just a breakdown.

Overwatch's Lunar New Year event started in January 24 and runs until Monday, February 18th, and there are a number of new skins and other cosmetics for the players they need to collect.

xQc usually never opens his loot boxes or just coins, except at events, and it was when he was talking to the chat trying to decide whether to buy all new skins or not when the notification appeared.

While the streamer was discussing the economics of loot boxes with the viewers, the message "Attention: You have a status as" avoiding a teammate "marked a significant number of players."

At first, xQc seems to be words but it soon calms down that it is probably a glitch.

"Ok, guys, that's a breakdown," Felix confidently told his audience. "It means avoid as a teammate, but nobody does."

Shortly after receiving the notification, there was a second that it looked as though xQc might seek another ban, but it was just disconnected from the server. The streamer was not overjoyed.

The streamer recently returned to Overwatch after being banned for a few months, and seemed determined to change his posture, at least for the first day.

But there is always the coincidence that xQc was an exemplary teammate and people only report him because he is a well-known streamer.

Hopefully the notification does not end that xQc will not be suspended, but the streamer does not seem to care about that

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