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Yes, ‘Far Cry 6’ is almost certainly a Vaas ‘Far Cry 3’ prequel

Far Cry 6 leaked yesterday on the PlayStation store, revealing the very good news that Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Mandalorian actor are playing the new villain in the game. Ubisoft rolled over with the leak and released an official, short teaser of its character, dictator Anton Castillo, and there will be an official unveiling tomorrow during a Ubisoft showcase.

An interesting thing about Castillo as a villain, however, is that there seems to be a focus on his little son Diego. Children are … not a big part of Far Cry games in general, much less important enough to actually get to the cover, and it seemed strange to me.

Well, theories quickly circulated that I now believe 1

00% to be true. In short, the idea is that Far Cry 6 is a sequel to Far Cry 3 and that Diego is actually a young version of Vaas, the villain of this game played by Michael Mando.

There are two main pieces of evidence for this and some minor evidence. The first is the scar that IGN’s Joe Skrebels first pointed out:

I mean, yes, that’s pretty clear in itself. This is not a scar that Michael Mando has in real life that was specifically given to Vaas (along with his other huge scar, of course). That seems to be a far too specific detail to be an accident, and there is the fact that the child just … somehow looks like a young Vaas in general.

Then there is Mando himself, who commented on Vaas two months ago in a reddit AMA (via polygon):

“Thank you very much! Vaas is my spirit animal – having created this character is something that I will always love. I am still recognized as Vaas and I still feel the outpouring of love for this character – makes me very much happy who knows … maybe i will repeat the role very soon?: p ”

Nobody made much of it at that time, and yet “maybe I will repeat the role very soon?” sure now seems ultra-relevant. And if Diego is As a young Vaas, I would imagine that the game contains a kind of time jump in which we can see Vaas in full Michael Mando form before the end of the game, although we obviously won’t kill him. The idea is that our in-game actions shape him into the cruel monster he becomes.

These are the two main pieces of evidence. The small?

Far Cry games are usually connected in some way, whether it’s one or two stray characters or a mention of events from a previous game. There is actually a great unifying theory everything Ubisoft’s games have the same world, but Far Cry games in particular often connect in a minor way. No, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game returned to one of his most popular characters like this.

Finally, fans of Better Call Saul know that Giancarlo Esposito and Michael Mando often share the screen in this series (Mandos Nacho works for Espositos Gus Fring). So there is this connection, and it would just be another day the two work together.

In short, yes, I am firmly convinced that this is a Vaas prequel. Tomorrow we will find out whether this will be kept secret or will be revealed from the start.

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