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Yes, former Disney star Caroline Sunshine works in the White House and, yes, she's qualified

After the Internet learned that Caroline Sunshine, a former actress known for her role in the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, recently joined the White House as a press officer The reaction was not surprising. She is unqualified! She takes over for Hope Hicks! Actually she was taken from the dark side!

But Sunshine & # 39; s last career move should really not surprise anyone. The 22-year-old former White House intern is no stranger to politics or the swamp – a point the White House emphasized in a statement amidst the turmoil over her employment.

"Caroline Sunshine was a White House trainee who was involved in the American Enterprise Institute and was an active member of the Model United Nations team at her school." Prior to her White House internship, Caroline was in charge of the office of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy College Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of California interned, "said White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters in a statement to the Washington Post.

Graduate of Claremont McKenna College in Southern California, Sunshine has not acted since her junior college year when she starred in the lifetime movie "Mommy, I Do not Do It." She applied for her White House internship placement – through a website – and impressed the Higher Offenders during her three-month stay in the communications department. As two slots opened at the White House press shop, Sunshine threw her hat in the ring and got the job.

Sunshine & # 39; s new role is hardly glamorous. She is a spokeswoman whose main job is to provide administrative support to the entire White House communications department, which includes press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who has her own assistant), three vice spokespersons and three vice spokespersons.

The press assistants – there are also two others – are the diligent worker bees who "send" to White House press releases, quarrel with the press pool (literally carrying reporters from one place to another), and write briefing calls. It's a gear-and-cogs job, albeit at the most powerful address on the planet.

Sunshine has not commented on any of the media whirling around their new gig. In fact, their social media accounts are not overly biased. She wished former "Shake It Up" colleague Zendaya, an outspoken and politically progressive actress, a happy birthday, and congratulated the recently vowed US citizens. But there are no controversial retweets of right-wing conspiracy theories or deep thoughts about the "deep state". It seems that the former actress has already learned the first rule of the press team: stay out of the limelight.

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