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Yes, Google is also working on foldable phone prototypes

In interviews prior to this week's Google I / O event, Google's Pixel Division head asked questions about folding devices. Talking to CNET Mario Quieroz said: "We're definitely a prototype of technology, we've been doing it for a long time." Google's announcement that Android would natively support foldable phones should have shown that at least the technology is being considered. However, the question of when or whether a product should be offered is difficult to answer.

Business Insider said the exec said the technology will be important, but Google has nothing to report at the moment. For Samsung, jumping out of the gate with Galaxy Fold has a number of potential benefits, as if the segment becomes popular, it can license the underlying hardware technology to others. For Google, it makes more sense to wait and see if someone can actually build a working device before investing heavily in something that is not sure people want at the current price. So this week, the midrange Pixel 3a will be unveiled instead of a $ 2,000 device, which may not last a whole week.

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