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You can expect that from Apple's WWDC 2018

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At the WWDC – Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference – the company presents its latest innovations to thousands of developers. As the conference lasts over a week, Apple begins a traditional keynote address on June 4 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Whether you're attending or not, Apple's official WWDC app is also available for download ̵

1; you'll get the schedule, breaking news, access to live streaming sessions, and more.

While the WWDC tends to stay with new software, we could see that some new hardware parts are also appearing. From the latest operating systems for Mac and iPhone to new features on WatchOS, tvOS and more – here's everything we expect at WWDC 2018.

iOS 12

  ios Control Center
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While WWDC's official lineup is unclear, we know one thing is certain: the software-based event will feature the latest operating system for the iPhone. Rumors about iOS 12 have already begun to dip, and there are a few features we could see. While iOS 11 offers more customizable and accessible options – complete with a redesigned control center and App Store – Apple will most likely use iOS 12 for a smoother experience with more stability and fewer errors.

For starters iOS 12 is said to include a new functionality that allows unlocking doors of cars, offices, homes, and hotels if you have an NFC-enabled handset. Although users can already manage Smart Locks using Bluetooth, NFC offers a more secure system. There are also new features for security on the Apple hardware itself, with even more parental controls on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Additionally, iOS 12 may include additional parental control features, such as: For example, monitoring the time children spend on their devices

Other features include a redesigned Stocks app, support for augmented reality games for multiple people, and an improved Do Not Disturb feature with more options to choose from , Those who use FaceTime can often chat with multiple people at once instead of just one-to-one. Those with TrueDepth cameras (available on the iPhone X) could even have the option of using the iOS 11 Animoji during FaceTime calls.

Improvements to HomeKit can also be announced. Apparently, Apple plans to add its home app to MacOS, so those using Mac computers can control HomeKit accessories. Since the home app is already available on the iPhone, this would give users control over more devices.

Of course, there are also features that should originally be included in iOS 12, but have been delayed. These include an improved photo app, a redesigned home screen, and multitasking features such as supporting tabs for apps on the iPad, viewing on the iPhone, and more.

MacBook Pro
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Prior to WWDC, a Reddit user discovered a delivery date of June 5 for a 13-inch version of the Apple MacBook Pro. That's one day after the keynote. While this may be an indication of the debut of a new Macbook Pro, Apple's webshop says both the 13-inch and 15-inch base models are immediately available for pickup at the San Francisco store. There is also a delivery date of June 1st.

Regardless, it may still be possible to announce a revised model when seeing how Intel's 8th Generation Core I-Series processors are currently available. Although there are PCs on the market that contain the eighth-generation chips, Apple has not yet released a new MacBook Pro with better performance and battery life than its current competitors. Apple may also address the design of the Butterfly Button Switch – users reported a high failure rate – and whether the company wants to upgrade it for a better user experience.

Other reports claim the company will announce an entry-level MacBook It could be delivered by the end of the second quarter of 2018. It will be the same price as the current MacBook Air models or even slightly lower. It reportedly could offer 13.3-inch amorphous silicon panels, the 2,560 x 1,600 resolution – similar to the current 13.3-inch MacBook Pro now.

Watch OS 5

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While we will not hear any news about a next-generation Apple Watch, we'll see what Apple has in store for its next version of Watch OS Rumors are rare around Watch OS 5, but users can expect to see additional dial options and advanced customization options, and there is also speculation that the new operating system will include a native podcast app. ID unlocking technology on the iPhone X last se ptember, Watch OS is equipped with the same functionality so that users can unlock their watches with their facial features instead of entering a password.

We can also expect that it will improve health tracking features on the operating system. According to reports in March, KGI Securities Sector Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the Apple Watch Series 4 would have "improved health sensors" but did not provide any additional information. This could mean anything from sleep tracking to female health tracking (a feature Fitbit introduced on its Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic in early May)

tvOS 12

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There are not many rumors about what we could expect for tvOS 12 – but we expect some kind of announcement, big or small. A few weeks before WWDC Apple released tVOS 11.4. It includes support for AirPlay 2, which features multiroom audio that lets you play music on a variety of devices in your home. With the latest tvOS update, AirPlay 2 is now included in the home app for HomeKit devices. This allows users to control the playback of AirPlay 2 via Apple TV, iPhone or Siri. Apple's announcement may be related to the latest update

iPhone SE 2

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Even though Apple always stores its next generation of iPhones for its fall event in September Rumors claim the iPhone SE 2 will be unveiled at this year's WWDC. The original iPhone SE launched about two years ago and was the more compact, cheaper iPhone option. According to current leaks, this year's version could have an iPhone X-like design with a glass back and be smaller than its predecessor. Other rumors point to an iPhone SE 2 that looks more like the original, with a rather iPhone 5-look – Touch ID included.

As for the specifications, a glass back on iPhone SE 2 would allow for wireless charging. Under the hood, it could also come complete with Apple's A10 Fusion chip, 2GB of RAM and the option to choose between 32GB or 128GB of storage. In terms of the camera, it should have a 12 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera.

MacOS 10.14

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The biggest rumor about the MacOS update is the possibility of "universal apps" that allow you to sync apps on iOS and MacOS. This way, when you start a project on Pages or even a conversation via iMessage on your iPad or iPhone, you can pick up right where you left off on your Mac. There are also indications that Apple plans to migrate all apps to 64-bit APIs for iOS and MacOS – if not this year, then in the coming years.

Other possible announcements could be related to Siri and his abilities. It's possible that there may be more app and email management, along with full integration with Spotlight. It is also very likely that we will see improvements at the dock. Rumors have spread that Apple plans to create a control panel similar to iOS. This combines the notification bar, the dock, and the launchpad to facilitate control over popular apps and documents.

A smaller, cheaper HomePod

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At last year's WWDC, Apple anticipated the highly anticipated HomePod – which many felt was too expensive for $ 350. Recent rumors claim that Apple plans to release a cheaper version under its Beats brand for $ 200. To enable a smart speaker at a lower price, Apple could release a smaller version similar to the Google Mini or Amazon Echo Dot. If the company decides to go the same way as Google and Amazon, then the smaller HomePod still has the same features as the original device. But the chances are still low, as the original HomePod is still fairly new and Apple usually waits more than a year before making any updates.

iPad Pro  ipad deals Roundup

Since the iPad Pro wasn When it was announced at Apple's education-oriented event in Chicago in March, it's likely it could debut at the WWDC. Rumor has it that the iPad Pro 2018 could look similar to the iPhone X – no home button and minimal bezels. It is also possible that the new model uses the face tag to unlock the device for security reasons. According to an anonymous source, the Apple Pencil could be upgraded to include new software features and tools.

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