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You can now add licensed songs to your Instagram Stories, so it's off

Music comes on Instagram. Finally, users in selected countries can choose background music for their stories from a selection of thousands of songs.
( Instagram )

Instagram lets users add music to their stories. Yes, even licensed, which are often tagged and then taken down immediately.

As of June 28, Instagram users can add background music to their stories, with thousands of songs, including well-known artists like Demi Lovato and Bruno Mars. New songs are added daily, the company said.

Adding Music to Your Instagram Stories

Pasting songs is like adding stickers, polls, and sliders ̵

1; just drag the new "Music" sticker onto a post, then select a song that fits perfectly with the post. It is even possible to scrub through the music and use only a specific section, such as the chorus or any important part of a track that users want to highlight.

This is not the first time Instagram has experimented with music. Back on F8, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has added deep links to Spotify in Stories, but this new implementation goes beyond that because it actually plays the song a user has chosen.

Instagram also lets users select background music before capturing a video or taking a photo, which could be useful for someone who wants to create a lip-syncing video, for example.

The Instagram and Snapchat Feud Continues

Besides the ability to add music Instagram has also announced a huge milestone for Stories that will further frustrate Snapchat: The company says it today has 400 million users per day is being used. In the meantime, Snap Inc. has continued to struggle as a public company, and the fact that Facebook has repeatedly copied Snapchat's core functions is undoubtedly exacerbating his chance to grow even further.

But for those of you who are not really worried about Silicon Valley drama and just want to know about the new music feature, keep in mind that it should be available in "selected countries", presumably in places where there is much easier to get music licenses, as copyright laws vary from country to country. The new feature will be introduced on Android and iOS, but for some reason, the ability to pre-record music is only available for iOS. Instagram assures that Android users will get it soon. However, it is not clear how fast it will be.

Is it especially helpful to be able to add music to Instagram Stories? If so, what are you most likely to use it for? As always, if you have something to share feel free to argue in the comments below!

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