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You can now buy the Exodus Blockchain phone from HTC without paying for Crypto

Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer HTC is making its Blockchain phone more widely available.

The HTC EXODUS 1, previously available only with Bitcoin or Ether, can now be purchased in US dollars and other Fiat currencies.

announced During Tuesday's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the company added Litecoin and the Binance BNB token to the range of cryptocurrencies accepted for the phone.

Phil Chen, "decentralized chief officer" at HTC, told CoinDesk that "this is more of a startup" after the phone's early access began last year.

The $ 699 phone is currently underway While Chen said that HTC will work to sell the device in the forwarders' stores, discussions with these operators are still in their infancy.

He added:

"We already had Some Preliminary Talks, But Part of It Why we're going to the Mobile World Congress is to have these conversations. "

Building Web 3.0

HTC today also announced the integration of EXODUS with the Opera web browser, to streamline customers' use of cryptocurrency. [1

9659002] First, customers who load crypto funds into Zion's mobile wallet app can use Opera or decentralized apps endings (dapps) that are loaded on the device itself, perform micropayments on websites.

EXODUS was developed to support the Web 3.0 movement, Chen explained. At some point he hopes to have loaded 80 percent of the most popular Dapps on the phone, with Opera being just "the beginning".

In a statement, Charles Hamel, head of the Opera browser crypto division, said his company was "proud" to partner with EXODUS and jointly define a new standard for crypto usability and security. "

" We are at the beginning of a new generation of the Web, where new decentralized services are calling into question the status quo. HTC and Opera have both made the bold decision to be the first to drive this transformation, "he added.


To protect users' cryptocurrencies, the phone has some kind of isolated area. "Usually known as a trusted execution environment," Chen said.

This trusted environment is not a repository because users can connect the wallet to the Internet. However, the phone's operating system can not interact with the wallet and offers some protection from malicious actors who are in a position to compromise the phone itself.

If users lose their private keys, they can use HTC's Social Key Last year's announced recovery system.

Under the device social key recovery settings, users can select a small number of their contacts to obtain a portion of the device's private key. If the device is lost or otherwise inaccessible, the user may recover part of the key from each contact.

"The solution to recovering a social key is also a big breakthrough in my opinion. What happens if you lose your phone? "Chen asked, explaining:

" This was a fundamental problem. If you lose your device or your private key, what happens in this case if you lose your phone? The solution to splitting the keys … without having to access your keys or store them on a server was a big breakthrough for us. "

Hard competition

Chen sets an ambitious goal HTC EXODUS. He hopes to deliver one million units by the end of 2019 (by comparison, HTC reportedly sold a total of around 0.98 million smartphones in 2017. The numbers for 2018 were not immediately available.)

Chen declined to say What interest the phone saw During its early access, even though the extended call option came in a press release, according to the Crypto Community Confirmation, the product was first announced during the CoinDesk Consensus 2018 last May.

The company will face tough competition. Last week, Samsung, the world's largest maker of cell phones, announced that its new flagship, the Galaxy S10, will support the secure storage of blockchain keys. Unlike the EXODUS, the device is marketed from the beginning for the mass market.

The S10, however, will be considerably more expensive, with the base model costing $ 899.99. The cheapest version, the S10e, costs $ 749.99 and is still $ 50 higher than the EXODUS.

If the EXODUS has its unique distributed key recovery system, Samsung safeguards the private keys stored on the device through "Find My Mobile Service."

Blockchain startups are also selling their own devices. Sirin Labs sells his Finney for $ 999 and Electroneum announced the M1 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress on Monday. The target group were regions with an offer of $ 80.

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