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You do not need a 911 to join the safari party

Picture: Bring trailer. When it comes to air-cooled Porsche 911 aesthetics, the trend is still hot and could even gain momentum. However, you do not have to start with a super expensive platform to get the most out of your off-road money. This 924S may be a bit slower, but it's just as much fun for a lot less money.

The 924S is a strange car, but it's really fun. If you are unfamiliar, Porsche introduced the model 924 in 1976 as an entry level model for the 914. It was intended as a sports car project for Volkswagen, in which many VW and Audi garbage can components were used car in the last second in favor of the Scirocco.

Porsche decided to release the car anyway, and it gradually developed into the 944 and finally the 968 model. The 924 died in 1982 to make room for the 944, which for the most part used the same suspension and the same interior, but a different powertrain and wider, flared arches. As the 944 prices skyrocketed and Porsche wanted to put something less expensive under the 944 model, the 924 body embossments were reintroduced and installed a detuned 944 engine in a 924-form factor. This took three model years, from 1986 to 1988.

As it turns out, the 924S effectively uses a Volkswagen rear suspension of the Super Beetle torsion bar and the front suspension of the MK1 Golf are not that difficult to lift. With minor changes, you can reach a few inches more ride height, then put on a set of BFG K02 tires with a huge sidewall and suddenly you have almost a foot of ground clearance.

This car was originally built for the Baja XL rally in Mexico and completed without any problems. The underride plates have gotten a hit, as you can see in the photos, but the car is still driving hard. I saw this thing in person last year on the Coastal Range Rally in California and it definitely stands out from the crowd.

It's brave to try a decent off-road rally in Baja with a low 924S, but this car survived unscathed. If you are looking for the off-road Porsche experience, this is tested, proven and far cheaper than the admittedly spectacular Safari-911 from Leh Keen. You can watch it on Bring A Trailer.

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