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You lose over 600 pounds just by tracking what he has eaten

Rafael Zuniga has gone from 831 pounds to 215 pounds with this simple weight loss hack.

Weight loss is not easy. Thousands of products on the market claim to help you lose weight, but many are not necessarily safe or effective.

Rafael Zuniga knows the fight against weight loss well. He weighed about 831 pounds in 2011. He was so obese that his health was already declining, even though he was only in his forties. He suffered due to his weight in diseases such as lymphedema, high blood pressure and cellulitis. Besides, he was not active and never left the house. He had insomnia and was also a borderline diabetic.

Zuniga knew it was time to take drastic measures to save his life and alcohol from his everyday life. He then did some basic exercises at the end of his bed. He had already lost 50 pounds during the year. It was not nearly enough, but it was a promising start.

Zuniga was proud of the progress he had made but wanted to see faster results. At this point, he began to track down everything he had eaten. He used the Lose It! App, which records how many calories you ingest and burn each day. You simply enter the foods that you have consumed for each meal and then you can see if you are taking too many or too few calories daily. In Zuniga's case, he consumed far more calories than he should have.

"I could see clearly what prevented me from losing weight faster: my calorie intake was higher than the one I burned. Tracking and optimizing my eating habits has made a big difference, "Zuniga said.

He started fast food joints to skip and cook for your home. His daily meals began to include lean protein and a lot of fruits and vegetables. In addition, he began to exercise regularly. It did not take long for the pounds to decrease.

"The first 400 pounds were a breeze compared to the next 200 pounds. I have overcome these high plains by committing myself to a healthier lifestyle by refraining from foods that have done me no favor. "

It was not easy, but Zuniga stuck to it and has now lost a shocking 616 pounds. He looks like a completely different person and is far better health than before his efforts. He can experience things he always wanted, but could not because of his weight – like traveling.

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