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Your Guide to the End of the Müller Probe

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Answering as best we can Your Urgent Questions: When will the investigation be completed ? Is anyone else charged? When does the Mueller report come out?


It's a moment, almost two years, and it's almost here. [19659010] Every day, Attorney General William Barr is expected to conclude the special representative of Robert Mueller in

The following story has been continued

When this happened, interest in investigating whether the campaign of President Donald Trump had disappeared in 2016 was aroused with the Kremlin being boiled over.

That's too much Hide! address. But do not fret. POLITICO has you covered. Here you will find our guide and the countless logistical questions that will help you to master this historical moment.

When will we know that the investigation is over?

Good question. We got it from our editors, colleagues, friends, neighbors, parents, etc., quite a while since the investigation began.

For a long time we had no answer. We still do not do it. But the prospects, which Mueller is nearing completion, look more solid day by day.

Last week, Mueller's office confirmed the withdrawal of two senior prosecutors and reassigned the FBI also its senior agent to another post. In the Ministry of Justice, a growing group of reporters were stationed in the normally drowsy press room waiting for instructions on what was to come.

Long story short, everyone is on the hook and thread, and the first impulse might come coming every moment We are prepared for it to be on Thursday, Friday or soon after. Several other factors also suggest that the report is imminent, including the plan of Deputy Prosecutor General Rod Rosenstein to leave his post in the coming weeks.

Who will make the announcement?

William Barr, the new Attorney General appointed by Trump, who took office in mid-February, is Mueller's supreme inspector and is expected to do so. Responsibility for the announcement of the Russia probe is over.

What exactly will Barr announce?

It is expected that the Attorney General merely says that the probe is done and that Mueller has sent him a report detailing the investigation. But do not expect him to comment on this report – not yet.

Instead, he'll probably say that the DOJ is now working on a summary of this report and may give an indication as to when this summary might be made.

Under the DOJ provisions that were designated to appoint Mueller – written during the era of Bill Clinton – Specialist Barr must submit a confidential report explaining who was prosecuted and why as well as who has not been tracked and why. Barr can then decide how much of this material should be published. He had promised only during his Senate hearing in January to publish a summary of the confidential report.

It is also likely that we will be informed of these steps through formal letters to Congress, including the House and the Senate, Judiciary Committee. There is no indication that Barr is planning a press conference on all this, though he eventually has to answer questions from reporters and lawmakers.


This is the expectation, yes. Excuse me, if you were misled.

OK, then. The tension kills me. When will we receive Müller's report?

It is up to Barr, who will probably need a few weeks to check what Müller has submitted. During this time, he will modify all classified information from the document as well as information from a grand jury, which is private. He will also work together to compile an extensive document for public use. This will be the slimmed-down version of Mueller's report to the congress, which will be made public.

That said, Washington, DC, there's a chance that nuggets will fly out of the report while Barr prepares the summary and makes his editorships.

So, what does this report say when it finally comes out?

The answer to this question is something that only Muller, his team and maybe some top officials of the DOJ are knowing you at this point.

Expectations in the public can be high that the document will be a versatile page turner explaining the specifics of the 2016 presidential campaign, how and why the Russians hacked Democratic emails, and whether anyone in Trump's orbit knew about it before or favored the crime.

These expectations would probably be too high . Barr only promised that he would issue a summary of what Mueller told him, who was prosecuted, and who was not prosecuted, with the added caveat that the DoJ policy is not to air people's dirty laundry, if this does not lead to a turnaround indictment.

Is the White House coming?

It is likely that the White House will have the opportunity to review the summary that Barr proposes to Congress.

If so, White House lawyers are likely to search the document for information they believe should be withheld from executive privileges-a right that the President has long held to withhold certain information from the public to want. The President's personal lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani, also said they wanted to see the document to allow them to make corrections or other information.

Trump himself would probably have the right to see everything that was sent to the White House, but there are questions as to whether it would be appropriate for his lawyers to obtain a copy before it is publicly released. Another factor to consider: As the proposed report is widely disseminated, the chances of a leak increase.

Here's another wrinkle: Trump has said his legal team is preparing a separate counter-report, which as of last December was already 87 pages long.

Will anyone else be charged?

This is another closely guarded secret.

A plethora of individuals being held captive in the Russia probe remains on the verge of their legal fate.

There is the oldest son of the president, Donald Trump Jr., who attended a Trump Tower meeting with Russians promising him "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. Or the conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who has shared several emails with accused Trump partner Roger Stone about WikiLeaks, the activist group that dumped Clinton campaign emails in 2016.

The tension is heightened: There have been dozens of still-sealed charges before the federal court in the two years employed at Müller. These could not all be related to the Russia probe. But until Barr or Mueller gives an all-clear – something that can never come – Trumpworld can not exhale completely.

Müller's office has also handed over leading to prosecutors in the southern district of New York, which investigates Trump's businesses, campaigning and founding fundraising.

In addition, several spin-off or related investigations are open to the public, including investigations into the actions of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, an investigation of suspected false statements by the fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and an investigation into the work Ukraine, which was carried out by the former US President of the White House, Greg Craig.

What happens to the unfinished Mueller cases?

You will continue.

In recent weeks, Mueller's team has called on external prosecutors to work on cases that go beyond the special lawyer's term of office. The move allows Mueller to more easily hand over unfinished business after closing the deal.

That was the case with Stone's prosecution. The Trump Associates' long standing trial is planned which will be held on November 5 in D.C. because of alleged lie of the Congress and the obstruction of the Russia investigation of the legislature should begin. A handful of US DC attorney assistants have meanwhile negotiated important parts of the case, including many of the arguments at the preliminary hearings.

Further federal prosecutions present two more cases of Muller: the indictment of a Russian Russian "troll farm" that sows dissatisfaction in 2016, and a case of Russian intelligence officers for hacking Democratic Party attacks in the same year has accused.

None of the 12 alleged hackers of the Democratic Party have been arrested. A St. Petersburg-based corporation accused of trolling – Concord Management and Consulting – has hired American lawyers and is seeking legal action. The prosecutors of national security seem ready to solve the problem.

When does the impeachment process begin?

Wait, we're a few steps away.

First, Müller's results must go to Capitol Hill. If the summary report does not provide detailed information about the President's actions, you can expect a lengthy legal battle between Democrats and DOJ to gain access to Müller's underlying investigative documents.

Secondly, Democrats must be almost universally convinced that Müller has found evidence of "high crime and offense" – the vague standard that, according to the Constitution, can earn the dismissal of a president from office.

So far, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said raises the bar for this standard. She warned that any attempt to remove Trump, who did not have enough GOP support for success, could beat back Democrats. That's the last thing the Democratic Party leaders want to do in the 2020 election.

Will Mueller ever speak?

That's certainly possible.

The well-known Specialist Attorney-General has not uttered a single public word during his two-year term on his investigations. However, House Democrats say they will call Mueller to testify publicly if they do not fully receive his report.

Nevertheless, current and former DOJ officials, legal experts and legislators of both parties have lowered expectations . that the miller brought by the book would break the script and offer much more than what has already been said publicly about his investigation.

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